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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nathan-d-watkins 10 / 10

Gives you something to think about

I've only read two reviews about this movie. Plain and simple, they were both negative.

I disagree with them.

If you're looking for a movie with quality cinematography, well-written dialogue, and mature/growing characters, then yes, you will probably be disappointed with this feature.

I on the other hand look beyond such things with this film. I do not think that is what the creators intended to do with it.

This film made me think, as well as those of whom I've discussed it with.

In short, if you're looking for something to blow your mind, watch it. Put yourself in the same situation, and discuss it with those that have seen it. It definitely sparked some crazy conversations amongst friends and I, going anywhere from morals to string theory.

This film blew my mind, in an Inception/Fight Club-esque sort of way, especially after the credits rolled.

I know this review may not reveal a lot about the film, but that's what is fun about it. Go in with no expectations, and preferably with a few friends.

Critics seem to be disappointed. I sure wasn't.

Reviewed by gabkoost 8 / 10

Something really different.

Because of the seemingly decline of cinema creativity, i am nowadays tempted to highly rate any movie that shows up with a different concept, plot, history or whatever.

I am so fed up with the repeating and predictable tons of films out each year that i was indeed very pleased with this one.

The plot is brilliant and something new and exciting. I know that many will say that there are several huge problems with it. Acting is average at best and directing extremely poor if we take in account what could have been.

Anyway, if you want something fresh this is it. This script could and should have been picked by a larger company with an higher budget. It could have been easily a box office scifi movie but, instead, became an almost obscure mix between an good base story and a bad teenage college movie.

Boobs included.

Reviewed by Zubacz 7 / 10

Interesting idea

I really liked the plot idea for this film. A double of each of the characters at a huge student party makes for some interesting interactions. It seemed though, that after setting the scene for a very enjoyable development of the story, the producers didn't come up with a clever way to wrap it all up. The ending seems misplaced and rushed.

Except Rhys Wakefield who was very doll-like, the acting was quite good. The camera-work during the party scenes was very well done. The atmosphere of an awesome party with just a touch of "something weird" was delivered perfectly.

Overall, not a bad film. It would be much better with a more thoughtful ending, but then again I cannot think of a fitting conclusion either.

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