7 Days in Entebbe


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by martin-zalcman 8 / 10

An interesting watch

I gotta say, i cant give any credence to these 1/10 reviews that say this movie is biased against israel or that it sympathises with the terrorists. I thought israel and it's officials/soldiers were depicted in as fair a light as anyone can ask for. As for (some) of the terrorists, yes the movie shows their human side, but rightly so. It seems some of these guys didnt want things to escalate the way they did. And its only fair to show that in the movie. All in all i felt like things were shown in a decently objective way. Not too crazy about the interpretive dancing bits tho.

Reviewed by sunraider 4 / 10

Boring & Biased

My father and I went into this film having heard nothing about this new dramatization of the famous rescue operation. I checked movie listings and saw this title and thought my Dad and I would like it since we're both history buffs and I loved the old TV movie that I saw many times growing up in the '80s.

This movie was very disappointing. It was frightfully boring and came across more as a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel piece of propaganda. Under the guise of "balance," the film shows its bias. The terrorists' motives are rationalized throughout the film and great care is given to humanizing them. The Israelis are seen as dithering and even agreeing that they need to stop making war and start negotiating, as if the long-standing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is something caused by Israeli intransigence and not, at the very least, a complicated issue with actors on both sides continuing to stir the pot. Worst of all, one of the most famous special forces operations in history, a military action that Israel is rightly proud of on so many levels, is shoved to the side. There's a strange focus in this film on a nobody Israeli soldier whose girlfriend is a dancer and the climactic "raid on Entebbe" is literally intercut with scenes from a modern dance stage performance, complete with a Broadway-style song. My father said he was "disturbed" by the inclusion of that dance performance. It didn't belong there and completely destroyed what little tension was building up. Clearly, it's only purpose was to undercut the heroism and brilliance of the actual rescue operation.

The TV movie from decades ago had a true all-star cast, with some big-name stars having small roles. This new movie shows how the political winds have changed in Hollywood.

Reviewed by dmitryaltman2-64-892776 2 / 10

Drama about terrorists feelings and very little of anything else

After, at least, two movies already made about this hijaking in the past, you'd expect a 2018 film bringing some more details of it and the unbelievable military operation, to light. Otherwise, why make yet another movie about Entebbe?
Well, apparently the moviemakers wanted the audience to see a "human" side of hijackers. 7 days in Entebbe is about how uneasy feelings, grievances and ,believe it of not, attempt at redemption of terrorists.
That's where the focus lays, not on men, women and children under a gun, or Israeli special forces unit which conducted an operation which, since then, never been matched.
At times the movie felt like a second rated prime TV flick than anything else: with poor screenplay, editing, scenery sets and pathetic attempt to depict a battle to free the hostages.

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