All I Want for Christmas Is You


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by whatwazdat 10 / 10

Forget the few bah humbug reviews...

Forget the few bah humbug reviews. You know reviews will always be bias towards the negative side since Mariah is involved. What the heck do kids know about the quality of the cartoon, the quality of Mariah's music, etc. It's a basic story that every children can relate to, and if they're glued to the screen, what more can you ask for?

Reviewed by bobbypappas 10 / 10

Surprisingly sweet family Christmas movie

We were looking for something that none of is had seen, and when this came up, we all uttered a collective, "hmm..." and decided to go with it anyway. My wife and I really enjoyed it as did our 2 young daughters. it's a sweet, innocent cute Christmas movie. Definitely worth the watch.

Reviewed by the_doofy 5 / 10

Clean kids Christmas movie, no barn burner though

I appreciated the fact that the movie really was G, which was surprising for me considering Mariah's innuendo singing videos.

The singing was pretty decent, no real highs or lows, but all in all a good listen.

The voice dubbing left something to be desired, U have a woman born in 1970 dubbing about a pre-teen character, and it doesn't really work. I think Mariah needed someone giving her some constructive criticism in this instead of a bunch of kiss ups giving her feed back. Fred Astaire did the narrating and singing in 'Santa clause is comin to town', and dubbed an older character, to make a point.

I really liked how the script kept the focus on the dog plot, as a lot of advertised dog movies are not in reality focused on a dog, but rather the dog ends up being in more of a sub plot within the movie. Not so in this one. Of course it is an animation, so this is not a perfect comparison.

I can recommend this movie for kids, it focuses on puppies and a child's interaction with her parents (yep, a Christmas video movie in which a child has both a Dad and Mom). The movie in of itself is not any kind of classic, but it is a serviceable G family Christmas watch, younger kids may like it quite a bit.

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