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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lmbeene 10 / 10

Share this story with your children

Based on a true story. Great back story. Relax and escape the stress of your life while in the theater routing for the success of these people. Run, don't walk to the theater. The story line is one of determination and who doesn't need that right about now. Go see the movie and then hear me say, "I told you so."

Reviewed by jimjoachim-54265 10 / 10

great movie

saw this movie this morning thought provoking entertaining as a Christian makes me think what can I do for others highly recommend caused me to focus on GOD and serving others great music based on true story this is the focus of faith with different cultures blending & serving GOD & others

Reviewed by katetsubata 9 / 10

Embracing and Hopeful

I was pleasantly surprised by the strong acting and professional quality of this film. "All Saints" depicts the struggle of a fledgling pastor to revive a nearly-defunct church, while trying to meet the needs of a wave of refugees from war-torn Burma. While many faith- based films focus on miraculous conversions and battles with the secular, this film dealt with the more prevalent problems many congregations experience. Shrinking membership and aging populations, as well as the financial struggles of maintaining buildings--these are the painful reality for many faith communities. Poised for dissolution, the All Saints Episcopal church is about to be sold off, and the members scattered. Rather than go along with the sale, the people band together--old and new--to try to save the church through growing produce. The story is powerful, and the filmmakers have mixed professional actors and actual congregation members in the cast. This, and the use of the actual church and grounds for the filming location, brings a strong authentic feel to the film. Audiences will resonate with both the dilemma--and the solutions found by the main characters. Kudos to all for a relevant and uplifting film!

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