Backstabbing for Beginners


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by EskeRahn 8 / 10

Important story, a litly 'dusty' as film

This is in genre not on the list docu-drama, where the whole thing are based on the real story and real people in the scandal about Oil For Food.

And as such it is an important film, so those that are too young to have lived it or just have forgot the story have it told/refreshed. (It was big back then).

It is well played by the actors, and the director -as usual- does a good job. But some parts gave me a dry and dusty feeling in the mouth (and no, not due to the sand...), but for obvious reasons not all parts of a real story are equally dramatic, but the slightly boring parts are important to get the full story.

8 is a bit high, but 7 is a bit too stingy...

(I'm not sure about the spoiler tag, since it is based on a real story)

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 3 / 10

Kinda Disappointing..

A young program coordinator at the United Nations stumbles upon a conspiracy involving Iraq's oil reserves. Backstabbing for Beginners relies on both Ben Kingsley and Theo James to pull off the task unfortunately for them the film is slow, boring and just meh as a whole and despite the 2 leads the characters were a bit under developed and with no real structure from the director or the screenwriters as a whole. Overall a film that tries but fails to do or even say something important. (3/10)

Reviewed by mephistox2001 1 / 10

Horrible piece of fiction

This movie, disguised as a docu-drama, is a work of pure fiction. It does a great disservice to the UN staff who worked their hearts out in Iraq on the Oil for Food Programme trying to help the Iraqi people. I would love to know what the director is basing this movie on, as it certainly isn't based on the book by the same title, Backstabbing for Beginners. Most of the characters depicted never existed in real life, and same as most of the events in the movie. They are all just a figment of the Director's imagination.

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