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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ryota Nakanishi 10 / 10

Thailand is SouthEast Asia's Hollywood! The Most Talented Asian Film!

This Thailand film is better than other Asian countries! Cheating tests, this material is successfully developed into the most impressive and exciting feature film ever made in Asia! The Three Act Structure is perfectly applied into this Thailand film!

Act 1 is that Lynn and her friend Grace establishing cheating test business among her classmates.

Act 2 is failure of the cheating test business due to exposure of Tong's suspected action on the paper test. That was caused by another test genius Bang who reported the chancellor of their school. At this moment, the entire conflict was established and easily grabbed. Point of No Return(Mid Point) is Pat's parent suggest Grace and their son, Pat to go to study abroad at Boston University. Then, they need to pass SAT. Lynn and Bang are involved by their business partners/clients Grace and Pat. At the end of Act 2, Bang fails at Australian university when he sends the answers of SAT back to Thailand for their clients to be ready for the test.

Act 3 is that Lynn escapes from Australia but Bang is punished. Now Bang threatens her to join the next cheating test business. However, Lynn rejects it and confront the karma.

Perfect! The most common material is turned into the most cinematic narrative structure of film!

Thailand film is rising and is going to be South East Asia's Hollywood!

10 Stars! Good job!

Reviewed by S T 10 / 10

100% thrilling, exciting, creative, intelligent, educational, family values and morality.

Usually I won't watch a movie if I have read any spoiler or if I don't expect to see any surprise but its box office success in Thailand and Taiwan makes me curious what is good about it and what's common between these 2 countries that so many people liked it ? My title described all. Never have I seen a film that have everything mentioned in my title to such a maximum, from the first scene to the last minute, no chance for toilet break. I believe only Thailand, because of their culture could come out with such a great message. Initially, I think the script should be better without giving the ending away so soon but later I realize it's highly intelligent as it keeps the viewer more suspenseful and curious later. The acting is good too. The female lead don't have the usual pretty face like most Thai movie but she carried the scenes so well I don't think anyone else can replace her role. The male lead has everything that's needed to assure his popularity with this role and the 2 others are great potentials too. The ending song will be a hit. Do not miss. I give it a 10 although it will not win a best film award.

Reviewed by ctowyi 9 / 10

This is one dynamite of a film

This being a Thai movie, I was pleasantly surprised to notice there are no ghosts or cheesy romantic couplings. Bad Genius is essentially a caper thriller and it is as suspenseful as they come.

Brilliant student Lynn (Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying ? that's quite a mouthful) makes money by helping her classmates cheat on school tests. Her friends Grace (Eisaya Hosuwan) and Pat (Teeradon Supapunpinyo) then propose a million-Baht idea ? to help students cheat on the STIC, an important standardized test used to gain placements in prestigious universities in the US. Lynn agrees to do it, but she can't do it without Bank's (Chanon Santinatornkul) help.

Bad Genius is one dynamite of a film. Who would have thought a simple idea of cheating in a test can go supernova. The narrative structure employed to tell the story is brilliant and assured. The twists and turns just keep on piling up, and not one time did I fall out of the story. The plot may be crazily far-fetched, but writer-director Nattawut Poonpiriya keeps it plausible and on the pulse. By that I mean it is instantly relatable, especially when we come up through the pressure-cooker education system.

The cast only has one recognizable veteran actor in Thaneth Warakulnukroh (Pop Aye) who plays Lynn's father. The rest of the cast are newbies, led by Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying, a 21-year-old model making her acting debut. Their rawness shines through and it makes the characters compelling and believable. The writing is a mark of genius in that it comes up with ingenious methods to beat the school system; the trailer will give you a glimpse of that.

One of the things I always teach my kids in my writing class is to make sure the journey of the main character is never be too easy. Using a "two steps forward one step back" approach, there must be setbacks for the character to negotiate along the way and the narrative of Bad Genius exemplifies this to a T. When done well, you will be so caught up in the proceedings and wouldn't be able to see the gears moving behind the seams. For this to work, the ground work of laying down all the characters' myriad of motivations must be established well. Poonpiriya has done a superb job here, so much so that when the eventual comeuppance arrives it will hit you with a jolt to the jugular.

On top of that the movie has loads of heart and it puts the relentless pressure to succeed in the school system under the microscope. Bad Genius also works as a cautionary tale in that the end does not justify the means. Perhaps where the film could have done better is to examine certain issues that were brought up but weren't handled in depth, like how the school is in itself "cheating" by requesting the parents pay for school maintenance and how exams are not the only measure to determine a student's aptitude. But all this does not matter because the film clearly scores full marks in where it matters ? a superb piece of entertainment.

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