Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 27%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
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Jena Malone as Jenet Klyburn
Henry Cavill as Clark Kent / Superman
Gal Gadot as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nothimme 9 / 10

It's a great movie if you try to understand it. Edit: You can find more in my other review.

"How he decides which lives count and which ones do not"

Name one superhero movie which asked this or something barely similar to this other than Watchmen

Controversial superhero films like these, BvS and Watchmen, are just over the heads of people who expect a cookie cutter happy ending movie

A lot of people "criticized" this movie because Luthor was crazy, Batman kills, long of a movie, Martha scene, Jimmy Olsen died and the rest goes to nitpick mode. If you reading this from the future, you're not among those people. Hell, you probably don't even know who Jimmy Olsen is. Those people don't want to see the big picture. This movie simultaneously balanced realistic ideas and concepts and seamlessly merged them into the characters' story arc allowing them to develop in a more realistic and comic accurate manner. The amount of depth and thought put into this film is unseen in previous comic book films. This movie focuses on more mature themes to drive the story, as a result, it feels more real and enhances the general feel of the movie because it has a greater sense of reality

It's a shame most of these elements went straight over people's heads. Because they didn't like these version of characters, they're biased against the movie. They don't want to understand it

Snyder made something so controversial that the DC's own fans turned against this universe. Most of them probably won't even give it a chance to rewatch it. Average viewers probably bored by the dialogues. But the dialogues were the most important thing in this movie. They didn't care about them, so they decided to hate the movie and call it boring. Professional critics didn't like the movie because... Yeah why? Maybe because they expected the sun to come out. Maybe because they expected something light, or funny, or casual. 'Cause clearly today's blockbuster movies needs to be all about these materials for the critics. But just because a movie didn't follow the procedure doesn't mean it's bad. Just because a movie doesn't contain "act 1" or "act 2" parts doesn't mean it's bad. Just because a movie is dark doesn't mean it's bad. Maybe those critics haven't seen 'Schindler's List' yet. Or maybe they've seen it and now they're being hypocritical by saying that this movie is too dark

I can understand some of you guys saying ''it was a mess''. You're right, the theatrical cut was a mess but the Extended Cut is actually created a cohesive film even though its story hasn't completed yet. But still, those guys don't care about how Extended Cut is because they're determined to hate, so let's just continue with smaller plot points that bugging our minds

'The Movie's name'

Because 'V' is in the movie's name, you guys expected a fight between Batman and Superman throughout the movie - you thought the whole movie was building up for this fight so you didn't care much anything else and when it finally happened you disappointed it because of its length and some other reasons. But some of you misinterpreted the title. Although there is no difference as both are abbreviations for the same word, 'v' is used when one party has a grievance against another. Snyder said that they used "v" instead of "vs" because they didn't want people to think the whole movie was just one big fight between the two. Well, I guess that was in vain

-Actually, the whole movie was building up for ''Martha'' scene. Batman's dream, the one that had bad CGI. Batman's brand, his new rule. Batman's past. It all for that scene.

'Why Lex want to kill Superman'

Because of what he represented. 'The man in the sky' didn't save Luthor from his father in his childhood, so it was at that point where he believed that God was not real, so when Superman, a god-like being shows up, this angered Lex to the point where he tried to demonized Superman and show the world how he sees Superman as much as he could before kills him.

'Superman has no remorse for the destruction he caused in the first movie.'

-You can't know that because this movie tells about events that happened 2 years after the first movie.

-Also, Superman's destruction was needed for the story. If Superman didn't cause that destruction or didn't kill someone, Batman wouldn't go against him.

'Thousands are probably killed, but Superman only saves Lois Lane'

-Because she is Superman's world. He also didn't save those people where Luthor's henchmen burned after killing them.

'Superman threatens Batman that he can easily kill Batman, twice.'

-What should he do to warn him then?

-This Superman is a whole new take on. He's not Superman that you know of from the comics.

'Batman STEALING from Lex Luthor so HE gets to exact revenge on Superman'

-What do you mean 'exact revenge on Superman' you just made something up on your mind

-And what's wrong with STEALING? You talk like you know a lot about this version of Batman. Was it you who created him?

'Batman uses guns to kill. He even dreams of gun battles.'

-He doesn't kill humans for no reason. There is more behind his story. His and movie's story haven't completed yet. We haven't told much

-That dream wasn't a dream actually. It was a different timeline where Superman turned evil

-It's really sad that some people define Batman off of one aspect and act like if Batman kills someone "he's not even Batman anymore" or "they ruined the character". You don't know what kind of universe is this. Some versions of him kill, some versions don't. This version of Batman is whole new take on

'Why Wonder Woman joined the last fight. She didn't save the world from Hitler before, why now?'

Because of the emails sent by Batman.

'Luthor comes up with the idea that since the ship has a biometric security, he can use Zod's body to gain access. It did not cross anyone else's mind'

-Why would cross someone else's mind that kind of thing?

'There is no villain to solve in the story'

-There's always two kinds of villain; there's the soldier villain - who fights the hero with his hands; and then there's the real threat - the brilliant and evil archenemy - who fights the hero with his mind.(Unbreakable)

-I know this wasn't your typical superhero. I know, you guys expected something more simple. But does the movie really need to pinpoint the villain? Look, If you wanna a villain super bad, then just choose it. Anybody can be a villain in this story. You don't have to bash the movie for it

'There is no purpose, motive or problem to solve in the story'

-I cannot explain this in words. Or maybe i already did. Both in this and in my other review

'The all powerful Kryptonian key has no security'

-Why would it need security?

'Kryptonians have banned the technology to create Doomsday. It's so dangerous, they decide not to remove it'

-Maybe they are not able to remove it? And this -Kryptonians banning the technology to create Doomsday- also signs that the real Doomsday is out there somewhere. Which means they didn't kill off the real Doomsday

'Doomsday appears so that Snyder can once again have a city-leveling battle.'

-That was Luthor's second plan to kill Superman. And Superman is dead. Also, this gives the movie epicness. It shows Luthor's cleverness. It gives Wonder Woman more screen time. It was essential for the story to continue. It was needed for Batman to understand Superman. It's your problem to look at this one way. Or maybe you just 'nitpicking' to create criticizing material

'How does Luthor know what Batman has planned?'

-Luthor made possible that fight. What do you mean ''how is he know''

'Batman finds Martha in a jiffy because he is'

-Batman didn't find Martha, Alfred did

Some of these 'small plot points' are just pointless. It's like you people are just want to dislike this movie

I saw a review from a "top critic" on Rotten Tomatoes saying that opening scene was needless, Lois Lane was completely useless, there were a lot of characters, there is no focus on one thing. These comments are just biased with his/her fanboyism. And he/she doesn't care if the movie full of emotion or not. He/she says ''opening scene was needless because we've all seen this before'' but can't comprehend its depth. I mean how can a 'professional critic' look at something like this one way. He/she doesn't care if there is more meaning in it. He/she says ''Lois Lane was completely useless'' but doesn't know what emotion is. I mean If Lois Lane wasn't there to be saved, then there wouldn't be any big emotion in Superman's death. He/she already down to criticize the movie. He/she says ''there were a lot of characters, there is no focus on one thing'' and criticises away. But when He/she comes for the "Infinity War" review He/she says "This is probably the best movie in the MCU" and declares it's a fresh movie

Other than that critic, another critic says that the characters' tone wasn't right. Like, really? Who are you to make a comment like this? Just because you're entitled doesn't mean you're right. He has only opinions, nothing else - nothing to prove what he's saying.

Some of these critics criticizing those movies that don't follow the procedure is a little hypocritical, wouldn't you say? Considering every time a movie is cliched and colorful, they write a puff piece editorial about how original and perfect it was

Some people say this movie rushed, but the only reason they're saying this is because Marvel has already done something similar to this. If this movie came out in 2008, they wouldn't say something like that

Some people think that "entertainment" is what makes a movie great. Those people are probably a hypocrite, or they haven't seen a lot of movies other than Disney's. One can like a movie and still discuss flaws, dislike a movie and discuss strengths, or find a movie to be over/under rated but that doesn't necessarily mean you love/hate it.

Was this movie perfect? Of course not. But it never deserved a criticism like this, either.

Reviewed by nothimme 9 / 10

It's a great movie if you watch it open-mindedly. Edit: You can find more in my other review.

Superman: Next time they shine your light in the sky, don't go to it. The Bat is dead, bury it. Consider this mercy. (Scenes after scene) Batman: Well, here I am (he is the one who shines his light)

Batman didn't kill Superman because their mothers have the same name. Bruce saw Superman as just that Superman. Clark Kent didn't exist for Bruce. Superman was just an alien on earth that on the surface never bothered to be human. Yeah, he saved people but he also brought along with his death and destruction. Bruce, and Lex for that matter, projected on Superman a lot.

Bruce didn't kill Clark because of Lois. When he saw Lois, a regular person, going to defend Superman and the fact he has a human mother changed his perception of Superman. Superman's mother's name had nothing to do with why he didn't kill him. That name triggered Bruce to pause since he was remembering his parents' death, after that he got more pissed off with Superman not less. Not until Lois came and saved Clark.

Just like Watchmen, this movie was intellectual too. It wasn't as safe or simplistic as most of the superhero movies out there. It's really sad to see movies that are mindless and the kind of basic and lowest common denominator are making a lot of money, while emotional and challenging movies like BvS underperforms despite being more inspirational because they trigger a feeling that too many other Hollywood blockbusters aren't willing or able to reach

I wanna talk about some characters. Lex Luthor. I know lots of DC fan didn't like this Luthor because he has shown us as a crazy maniac. But this was all because of his origin story, and that's it. Even though this version of him more scary, frightening and into his more classic state, after what he has been through, we won't be seeing this version of him again.

Superman. I love Snyder's Superman because Superman is an incredibly difficult character to make relatable, and Snyder made that possible for me. His Superman is realistic. People criticize Snyder cause in MoS his Superman saved the world but not the New York, cause his Superman is an apocalypse level destruction, cause his Superman not colorful enough. It's a controversial but a realistic take on. What do you want? You want a God that acts like 12 years old? Do you want Superman to stop the fight and ask the villain ''Hey evil person, i'm sorry but can we fight in a non-public place, critics uncomfortable with city-leveling fights.''?

Wonder Woman. I love when people say ''WW was flat'' because they have never been this right. Yes, she was flat but what do you want? This was her debut movie, and it was pretty good for a little screen time, like all the other characters.

Batman. This Batman has been doing his night job for 20 years. This Batman beat Superman -so please don't talk about him not being smart, strategic, and brilliant. He knew exactly what he was doing.- This Batman is just brutal. The first scene with him was just terrifying. The surroundings, the music, the cinematography screamed terror. Afterwards we see him in the Batcave interacting with Jeremy Irons as Alfred. By his behavior and his words this version of the character starts out believing that by being Batman, by shutting himself off to the world, hiding in the shadows, that he will be redeemed or brought to the light. But then he realizes that is nothing more than a 'beautiful light' and a childhood fantasy. Batman was lost in this movie. He's outlived his parents and most of his allies and his mission seems never ending still. He too turns bitter and cold towards his fellow man. Thus explaining his brutality. Especially after witnessing Superman's actions explained to us in Alfred's words: Everything has changed and good men are turning cruel. Batman ''despises'' Superman not because he's above the law, but because he has the power to wipe out the entire human race. ''So what happened to that him having the power to wipe out the entire human race part after the 'Martha' scene'' you say. After that scene, Batman sees Clark Kent, not Superman. And yes, he still has the power to wipe out the entire human race. But Batman doesn't see that part anymore because he had seen Superman's human side - his real side.

'Why does Luthor introduce Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent to each other?'

How do you guys watch? Luthor didn't introduce Bruce Wayne to Clark Kent, (I mean yes, he arranged the convention but he didn't introduce them to each other) Clark Kent approached Bruce Wayne and asked a few questions by himself. The biggest 3 characters of the movie were on a convention together and Snyder executed that perfectly

'After his supposed death, why does Superman get a military/hero style funeral? Why is the country mourning? Did I miss something?'

Yes you did. First of all, you said in your review 'People of earth's distrust of Superman, due to the events from the first movie' I guess you didn't watch that first movie properly, either. Most of the people see him as a hope, some of them see him as a threat. If you didn't notice, they have a statue of him. Also, Superman saved those people's life by sacrificing himself twice. What do you mean ''why does Superman get a military/hero style funeral?'' Later on in this movie, after the public hearing, we only see the Batman's aggression towards the Superman and the people who think Superman is a threat. So you supposedly think that ALL people see Superman as a threat

'Why did Superman stop Batman from chasing the bad guys?'

He thinks Batman is wrong chasing those guys, so he acts without thinking.

'Why is Doomsday angry with Superman? Since he is made from Zod & Luthor's genes, does hatred towards someone pass through genes?'


'Why is Batman not suspicious of the other meta beings?'

Because they didn't fall from the sky like Superman. Because they didn't wipe out the whole city in a 1 day

'Why didn't Superman track down Martha with his super hearing?' Pointless but needs to be answered

-Martha's scream was muffled pretty fast and unlike Lois who was screaming while falling, Martha was super quiet and it was difficult for him to track her down so fast. The better plan was to maybe ask for Batman's help

-Snyder said there was a scene where Clark tries to hear all of Metropolis and Gotham but it was too much and he couldn't focus. It was deleted scene because it was way too dark.

''Why did you say that name?!''

If you just say Martha to Batman, he will be friends with you. Sounds funny, right? But really this is perfected symbolism and one of the places where editing shines. You have to listen Batman carefully while he's dragging Superman in that gutter. This is the first important thing. The second important thing is that the cut in a way to follow Batman's thought process of realizing what he has become. When the memory comes back to Bruce first showing the gun firing at Thomas, it then cuts to Batman showing that Batman is now an executioner, especially how the gun is pointed at his father is in relation to how Batman is standing over Superman. Then the pearls wrapped around the gun breaking as it is fired. After that, It cuts to the dream where he is a child falling. Then it cuts to Batman realizing that his dreams are his subconscious telling him that he has fallen. In the beginning of the movie where the dream takes place, Bruce says "In the dream, it took me to the light. A beautiful lie" It is cleverly shown by Snyder that Batman has started to realize that he has fallen, but he disregards that as a lie too in the beginning, saying this is how the world makes sense to him, being so brutal, especially at the point we see him in the movie, but now he starts to realize that he is wrong and he starts to let go of the beautiful lie and accepts the ugly truth. The final thing he needs to connect is Martha. It just shows Thomas reach out to Martha Wayne, mirroring how Superman is reaching out to Martha Kent. Bruce doesn't know this yet so he yells ''Why did u say that name'' once Lois tells him it his mothers name, not only does Batman realize they have something in common, he realizes that he became the very thing he dedicated his life to protect against. The action of Batman throwing the spear away is the moment he starts to now reject the man he became and the first action he does, in recompense, is to save Clark's mother, Martha. It's a really clever way of filming someone's thought process. It's really fascinating how the first time we see the Wayne parent's murder, everyone is really in awe of how beautiful it was shot. When it is revisited again, it shows it is also poetic as well as beautiful. Save Martha was a plea that merely caught Bruce's attention. From there, he was able to deduce that this alien capable of a magnitude of destructive capabilities had true emotional investments in this world; that he possessed a family and loved ones, and thus, something to tangible to lose. Yes, family and friends are tangible things to lose. Batman knows exactly how it feels, how much change the death of a loved one can bring to u. This altered Batman's perception of Superman from being this all-powerful god that he viewed as self-righteous and a bringer of judgment to an actual flesh and blood man. The Zod fight actually affected Bruce in the most personal of ways - ways that Luthor and Lois were not. Batman saw a girl becoming an orphan. He saw a person who killed someone's mother in his actions. He saw Joe Chill in Superman. People's pasts often dictate how they move forward, and the things he had experienced differed greatly from the other characters. We needed to see those various means and strategies because it was one of the fundamental conflicts of the film

'' Why Superman says 'Martha' instead of 'mother' "

The same reason why he didn't say ''her'' or any other names.

Reviewed by jdgan 10 / 10

Way better than I expected

I ignored the bad reviews and watched anyways. This film had a lot to live up to after Civil War was released and I went into this film expecting the worst. It ended up to be the best Superhero film of 2016 to me. One complaint was that this film was more concerned about universe building than telling a great story than Civil War but for me it was the other way around; Civil War felt like a build up to something else and to be honest, I felt that way when I saw the other MCU films. Batman vs Superman however not only had a great story, but it also felt a lot more consistent than Civil War. This film was way more diverse with the cast than the MCU but unlike the MCU, I felt like this film doesn't go overboard with the SJW stuff like the MCU films or The Star Wars Sequel films do. The Visuals were AMAZING, The Score by Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL was AMAZING as well, The Tone is just right as I actually felt for the characters emotionally, The Cinematography kept my eyes glued to the screen, and the script felt really Intelligent and Complex and despite people calling the writing confusing, I was able to piece it together with no problem whatsoever.

This film was way better than I Expected and deserves another chance. 10/10

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