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Patrick Warburton as Robert Lerner
Virginia Madsen as Deandra Lerner
Ed Oxenbould as Garrett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aaronrevere 2 / 10

Yule Probably Turn it Off After About Forty Minutes

A sick, nihilistic film with one and only one plot twist. A half hour into the movie it takes the worst possible turn, and you know where the rest of it is headed. At that point it becomes neither horrifying nor thrilling, but just plain nauseating. It's not fun and violent the way the similarly- themed and much more engaging The Babysitter is (a film which is properly labeled a horror/comedy, unlike this film). It's not gross out gross like the comparatively soulless torture porn Saw/Hostel movies. It's not even fascinating as an exploration of sociopathology as was American Psycho or Twisted Nerve (which is the film it most closely resembles). It's jaw-dropping only because I find it hard to believe that those involved thought it would be entertaining as is. The trailer hides the twist and sells it as a fun exercise in the little brat left home alone turning the tables on some home invaders, only with blood and carnage as a result rather than Three Stooges sound effects. That is not what this movie is. Not even close. But that's what The Babysitter is, so watch that instead.

Reviewed by MinistryofDoom 4 / 10

Had a good premise but fell apart 20 minutes in....

I had high hopes for this film. The trailer set it up as a home invasion thriller, and while it technically was, the writers revealed their cards much too early and thus ruined what could have been an otherwise great film. The writing, in fact, although attempting to be clever is juvenile and ridiculous. When you find out what's really going on, it implores you to roll your eyes and groan at the fact that you've invested any time at all into such a dumb plot. And though it claims to be a "horror/thriller", it was either dumbed down for younger audiences or chopped to death in editing because much of the violence, in fact, occurs OFF CAMERA.

If you're looking for a good holiday thriller, this is not the one. If you have an hour and a half to waste, give it a chance but don't expect too much.

Reviewed by Ash 1 / 10

Absolutely awful movie - please don't waste your time!

I was looking forward to seeing this for SO long and for a very long time the only thing I had to go off of was a brief description on the movie. There was no trailer for this for quite a long time, so naturally my anticipation built up over time which is probably partly to blame...

The idea was clever but the execution of the film was awful. I enjoyed Olivia DeJonge and Ed Oxenbould in The Visit so I thought this movie might be similarly entertaining but I was sadly mistaken. The acting is BAD by several characters but especially the lead boy, you know, the sociopath. However, I'm not sure if it's really the acting that is so bad or if it's simply down to terrible writing and poor character development...

All of the characters were incredibly unlikeable, the worst of the bunch of course being the lead sociopathic teen (Luke) played by Levi Miller. I haven't seen him in anything else so maybe it was just down to the awful script/poor character development? I just HATED watching this movie but kept soldering on and watched it in it's entirety in hope of it getting better and at least having a satisfying ending. However, it failed there too, by the end I was just hoping to see an amazing final scene of Olivia DeJong's character destroying Levi Miller's character - now THAT would have been a satisfying ending and could warrant possibly an increased score of 2/10 from me.

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