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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ishaq-570-320876 7 / 10

It is What it is...

This movie had some moment but did not succeed entirely in delivering What you want from these two...

Storyline is a bit messy and that is mostly What drawed me away from the movie from time to time

Lundgren has a good role but is not in the movie enough.

Van damme looks like he is getting to old for that type of Roles.. i means please understand i like Van damme but maybe he should be getting roles like R.E.D with Willis

Its not like i would stop Anybody to watch This i actually Think you should if you are a fan of these two.
Its still great fun to see your childhood heroes onscreen...

Mostly of the cast was trying to hard...

Reviewed by hreza-33404 4 / 10

So predictable

An unsuccessful attempt to create something like "Escape Plan". The twists were so predictable, was excepting a better story that makes more sense.

Reviewed by nebk 4 / 10

Sinks Quickly

Black Water is a mediocre action movie starring Jean Claude Van Damme as a framed agent who has to escape a submarine on which he is imprisoned. The rogue agents who set him up are also there and trying to obtain information from him. And that's more or less the plot of the film. Helping JCVD is a prisoner played by Dolph Lundgren as well as a good agent who is not a field operative but found herself on the submarine as support.

Overall this film has elements of Escape Plan mixed with Under Siege but is nowhere near those films in terms of action or acting. The fact is that the story is weak and cliched and makes the film drag on and on in the last forty minutes or so. There is the usual reveal of the traitor/mole and it's no surprise. The action is mostly implausible given that there are bullets flying all over the submarine with no consequence. And the submarine for the most part looks like a cheap set and way to big to actually convince anyone of its authenticity. The end is also unsurprising and seen in countless other c grade movies. I would rate it around 3.5-4/10. Best avoided.

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