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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by woundeddove0505 10 / 10

She was so much more than a Pretty Face

I like many others who watch this will be in awe of the full extent of all the she did before seeing this film. You will even be saddened that she was not really fully allowed to do what her passion really was. It was a constant "Wow! She did that? and Her mind thought like that?" Most of what she did was forced upon her to keep as a sort of secret hobby. It was a different time back then. It will leave you wondering about all she could have done if she had been born now. I was in shock of the many great things and people we do know to push limits in their inventions that she helped inspire and make better. Her mind never stopped when the cameras shut down.

I just remember falling in love with her watching old movies at my Granny's during sleep-overs. Back in the day where there were only a handful of channels and we had to walk across the room to turn the dial. In the evening there would be the Late show, then the Late-Late show and the Late-Late-Late show before the National Anthem would play early A.M. and the T.V.
But, one of her greatest inventions which was turned down after being inspired like many Americans to do their part during the War.

Again, sadly it was a different time back then and women like her. Women as well known and as beautiful as her were imposed upon to do their part and just look pretty and start selling War-bonds, and being eye-candy for the troops.

She is one of those people that you wish that if there is life after death or reincarnation that she got to become whom she was meant to be in her first life. Now that women can be viewed a little differently for what they have to offer more now than just being another pretty face. A must watch if you love documentary movies as much as I do. A must-must watch if you grew up watching her movies way back when. You will love her even more.

Reviewed by blanche-2 10 / 10

positively brilliant

If this shows up on public TV or somewhere in your area, definitely go and see it. It's amazing.

The documentary is the story of Hedy Lamarr, one of the most gorgeous women ever in Hollywood, and also the inventor of frequency hopping, which is still used today in everything - WiFi, Bluetooth, you name it.

Her story is inspirational and also extremely sad. Above all else, it is fascinating.

Her children are interviewed, as is Robert Osborne, and there are film clips from her career, and interview footage with Lamarr.

A few years ago on Jeopardy, there was a category called "Hedy Lamarr." Alex Trebeck wound up running the category himself, and asked, "Have none of you ever heard of Hedy Lamarr?" "Well," piped up one woman,"I know Hedly Lamarr from Blazing Saddles." A real pity, and it would be lovely if that were a thing of the past.

Reviewed by Ayal Oren 9 / 10

A Straight forward biography we should all see and learn from

No trick photography, no special gimmicks. Nothing out of the ordinary is needed when the life story we're presented with is so unique. The Hedy Lamarr story is way more than a biography of an old timer who used to be a Hollywood star. It's more than the story of "the most beautiful woman in the world" whose talents well exceeded her beauty.

It's a story of our failings as a society when faced with whatever defied the conventions we live by. And the tragedy of those that wouldn't fit under the labels we like to stick on whoever crosses our path. To put it in a single sentence it's a story most of us know nothing about but all of us should. If you do get the chance just go see it.

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