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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dsa-827-486965 8 / 10

Fine little gem

Not a gem exactly, but well not awful 3 stars too, because its not that bad if you love 80th zombie movie. Actually this movie looks very much like "The Dead Next Door", maybe not so complicated (yes, lol, I know, for B-movie), but have same aura. And I think its sort of road movie - this is always plus for modern zombie films. And yes, story there very simplistic, action parts weak (but watchable), soundtrack (I mean main theme) is a joke, but anyway this film can be a hidden gem in a distant future.

Reviewed by egghead28 5 / 10

Take it for what it is

A very low-budget zombie flick that actually has some decent aspects to it but can't seem to decide which type of movie it is. For starters, the tone is all over the place.

It starts off as a fairly suspenseful movie, with the main character stranded on the highway miles from anywhere and there's small ominous feel to it that she'll be fighting for her life in the wilderness.The hillbillies/rednecks turn up to save her and she escapes, meets another guy who saves her and take her to the city/town, then the movie begins to lose itself a little bit.

She suddenly goes from a helpless woman to Rambo in the space of the minutes, with scenes like reading 'Shooting for Dummies' then she's a shooting ace and expert zombie killer, and the tone almost becomes like a comedy/spoof. The hillbilly/redneck just happens to be outside the door in the Mall, of all the places to be!

The pacing is a little off too, with the car scenes going over a relatively slow timescale, then once she's in the city, it speeds up and whizzes through its story, and the suspense from the start is a bit lost and it all becomes a bit tongue-in-cheek.

The acting is pretty good for a film of this stature, the lead actress, Whitney Moore, does a good job and carries the film well. The actor playing Max, was also pretty good and made the character likable. Same can't be said for the minor rooftop characters who were pretty wooden and emotionless, and just not very good.The rooftop jumping scene where they all jump onto rubbish, is clearly just a 2m drop as some of the actors landings are just awful. I appreciate that's what the set is, but still at least make it look like a jump from a building's rooftop.

The zombies or makeup aren't bad given the budget, but the CGI is bad, blood spurting everywhere yet no bullet holes or anything.

Is it great? No. Is it terrible? Also no. 'Breakdown Lane' doesn't outstay its welcome with its running time nor does it really bore the watcher. Take it for what it is, A C-movie zombie flick that quite frankly is a valiant effort that shouldn't be take too seriously. I enjoyed it.


Reviewed by Michael Ledo 5 / 10

We got to breed

Kirby Lane (Whitney Moore) is speeding on her way to meet her on line boyfriend on the outset of the biblical zombie apocalypse, who were called, "creepers." At this point the plot becomes confused. She gets pulled for speeding and is told by the cop to take a one hour nap. Yes, the cop wants a single woman to park along side of a deserted road for an hour. Afterwards, her SUV won't start hence the idiotic pun title. Her Northstar help claims it is her transmission that keeps her engine from turning over, but she can push it. She wants to go to the city during the zombie apocalypse while everyone is leaving. Her reasons change midway through the film.

The film was all about Kirby Lane. There were no group of survivors like in most zombie films where you have to guess who besides Daryl is going to die. Many scenes were done as a graphic novel with metal music. It takes about two seconds for the entire world to turn to anarchy. The feature was mostly concerned with creating scenes than a decent plot with plenty of blood splatter on the camera lens. Boring scenes of Kirby talking to Max at Northstar. Never felt she was in any trouble as she was the only character and never really developed at that.

The guy at the service station looked like an Aboriginal. A car had Arizona plates. Filmed in Drumheller, Alberta Canada.

Guide: F-word. Sex.

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