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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mgrey-09040 10 / 10

Absolutely terrifying

I don't understand the hate in some of these reviews. The film did everything a horror film should which is disgust and terrify you. Some of my friends have seen this and they also found it really disturbing. It makes it all the more unsettling to know it was a true story. Maybe that's what people are uncomfortable with. Its not a happy ending the viewer is left feeling pretty terrible but I imagine that is the entire point. Show the brutality of the crime and the injustice that it has never been solved because of police corruption. If this makes more people aware of this horrible story then the filmmakers have done a very good thing which is why I've given the high rating. It takes guts to make a film about this. Maybe a lot of people are trying to bad mouth it because they don't want the truth out there.

Reviewed by davidhershwitzky 7 / 10


Considering I went into this movie blind (no reviews, no trailer) it was actually pretty decent. It had some decent suspense and moments. Obviously low budget and the daughter and mother are the only characters you really care about. Nevertheless, a watchable Strangers type film. Disturbing and depressing in some parts. Drags a little at the end but also a different approach considering the "based on a true story" aspect.

Reviewed by FPGNinja157 7 / 10

A true event

I have read about the tragic murder that occurred in the real cabin 28 before I heard about the film. I bought the film having low expectations since most Hollywood movies Over exaggerate what really happened, And I've got to say that this film is spot on for being a "based on a true story" film. I've heard people say that its a rip off of "The strangers", this is not true since "The strangers" was inspired by the true event of cabin 28, this film (Cabin 28) is directly telling the tragedy that occurred in cabin 28,keddie California.

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