Captain America: Civil War


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dinesh Lakhara 1 / 10

Revenge Drama

Fun Facts

• CrossBone wants revenge because his face is dead

• Zemo wants revenge because his family is dead

• Iron man wants revenge because his mother is dead

• Captain America wants revenge because Peggy is dead

• T'Challa wants revenge because his father is dead

• Ross wants revenge because Hulk loves his daughter

• Bucky loves German words

• 6 vs 6 is Civil war

• 5 vs 5 is not civil war. So Tony has to get Spiderman and Steve has to get Antman

• Airport is practice ground for Avengers

• Spiderman joins the fight for getting a university grant from Stark which he never applied

• Antman joins the fight because he has time

• Vision get salary now. He can afford and wear shirts and pants. On the downside, he has to babysit

• Aunt May is hot

• Rhodey is crippled

• Hawkeye is retired and is ex avenger

• Hawkeye is not retired but is he avenger?

• Hawkeye is jailed when he tries to be an Avenger

• Only people in Wakanda/Africa died in this movie

• Steve gets kiss. Falcon and Bucky are happy about it

• Black widow is double agent

• Iron man is fighting Captain America because CA didn't tell him how his mother died

• Buck and Steve, friends for life. Ross and Tony, not so much.

• Best part of movie - Prison break (not in movie, will be part of BluRay/DVD)

Reviewed by Facundo Lafuente Diaz 1 / 10

#TeamNeither WWE RAW With Superheroes

People says: an Avengers movie with 'emotional depth' and 'moral complexity', and now I have to question what planet they're living on. Seriously, WTF people!! if this is 'emotional depth' and 'moral complexity' then Marsellus Wallace is a bitch!

When their operation to stop the theft of a biological weapon in Lagos goes explosively wrong leaving dozens of civilian casualties and themselves under scrutiny. It may be that I'm misremembering, but were there any civilian casualties in the past???

Didn't whole cities go up without anyone even wandering around dazed with a nosebleed? But the plot needs what the plot needs so now the Avengers have always blown up innocent people, which leads to 100 nations gathering together and saying: this must stop. And: you must all be brought under the control of the UN.

While Iron Man is for it, Captain America, who is more Brexit, quickly goes rogue and becomes a fugitive. This could have then set the scene for, perhaps, saying something almost interesting about government control, military might and divided loyalties, but instead it results in all the superheroes choosing #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan— there are no takers for #TeamNeither, which would have been the sensible option

WHY WHY they fight!! Come on!!!

Captain America a rebel soldier???

Reviewed by Vinay Sital 10 / 10

Now this is a good superhero movie!!


I saw civil war and I come with good news; it's AWESOME!

Im not gonna spoil one single thing, since this movie should be seen by only the two trailers you probably saw. Don't watch any tvspots after the second trailer or whatever!

Im gonna touch a few aspects and rate them.

Acting: Of course it's amazing. The characters we were waiting for were black panther and of course SPIDERMAN! Both were done amazing! Spiderman has a bigger role than I personally expected and it's done with grace. Love it. Black Panther was such a good character with great motivation why he's doing what he's doing. The acting per usual from the other characters were great! 10/10

Story: Now where another (let's leave it) unnamed superhero movie failed this year, and no I'm not talking about dead-pool.., was the story. Now this story is what I expected from the other unnamed superhero movie. I didn't know what side I wanted to be on; cap's or iron man's. I was so conflicted and even while they're fighting you don't know who to root for. The villain in this movie felt a bit, not really out of place, but unnecessary in my opinion. But Marvel always struggles to find a good fleshed out villain except for Loki & kingpin in the series. 8/10

Action/Cinematography: O boy..If you're an action freak you will love this, if you're a comic book fan.. you're gonna LIVE these amazing action set pieces. The much anticipated airport scene is AMAZING. You've seen nothing, literally nothing of the amazing action that will bestow upon you guys. The airport scene is in complete imax and has a runtime of around 17 minutes. Just let that sink in! The Russo brothers know how to create great action and film it great as well. I can go on record and say this is by far the best superhero action scenes ever. 20/10.

Verdict: Was it a perfect movie? No. But for me as a fan it came darn close. The only thing that bothered me were the villains, well actually one of the few that are in there.

Was it better than... Batman v superman.. yes by far. I mean we're in a comic book movie year, so we might as well compare it. Batman v superman lacked in a lot of places and civil war just did it better. Just the conflict in ideologies made it so much more believable why the characters fought and because this whole story arc is happening now after 2 cross over movies, 3 iron movies and 2 cap movies.. the stakes are so incredibly high. I tried to compare dead-pool with it as well, but it's a different movie in terms of it being a solo movie and setting something up, instead of showing a conflict between good and good instead of good and evil.

9 out of 10! Near Perfect movie for the fans(9.5) and a good solid action film for the general movie go-ers(9)

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