Days of Power


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by steveben-07485 10 / 10

Cool flick. Cool music. Must see it!!!

This film is crazy cool. Love the concept! The idea behind this film ( no spoilers) is something I care about as well. Although never seen it done like this before. Very rocknroll! Very violent at times. Which I also dig in my films. I Got to see this in the theatre! Wow! Felt like a dream/ crazy nightmare at times. A feast for the eyes and hears !! Pulled at my heart strings too.

Reviewed by happytrottingelf-807-114553 10 / 10

Edge of your seat!

This film is dark, edgy and original. It will glue your eyes to the screen from the starting moment and not release you until the credits have finished rolling. An edge-of-your-seat thrill ride, which cleverly shows comparisons between the gloss of the music industry and the gloss of the cute puppy in the window, pulling back the curtain to give you a glimpse that all is not always as it seems. The film spotlights an often overlooked industry that most folks don't even know exists. If you like music, the score and soundtrack are must-hear. If you like thrills, it's got 'em. If you're a dog person, this film will want to make you hug your dog--and rescue another one. Overall, definitely something you should not miss!!!

Reviewed by Paul-A-Lewis 9 / 10

An impactful indie film that's worth the watch.

It's a trippy film for most of the running time making it fun eye candy with a animal cruelty message that brings it home at the end. Indie musicians and actors who are also activist in their real lives. Cameos from Eric & Eliza Roberts ( Also animal activists). It's got some crazy villains and lots of dogs. This had to be a helluva undertaking for these indie filmmakers. The soundtrack is great! The score by 'Heathens' is as frenetic as the edits and shots in the film. Overall it's fun. Sounds and looks great. Sometimes the camera work is distracting but as I said it's obvious that a lot of work went into this.

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