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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jmcgowan-80805 9 / 10

Hey man, no spoilers here. Look, if I wrote a movie where people were stranded at the side of the road because there was a sniper, it would be similar to this. All us horror fans can never accept the "5/10" horror movies get because the majority of these "reviews" come from non horror fans. As horror fans, we want to see a movie where we could understand why the characters did what they did. That's all. That isn't much to ask for. Enter this movie. I was impressed! It's a situational movie and the characters didn't make me want strangle them through the screen. Give this movie a lot more credit than it is due. It's worth the watch!

Reviewed by ops-52535 9 / 10

Its a bloody film made by kitamura this time. though its not my genre i will award it with a 9,because its nervewrecking all the way through. snipermovies have been made before,also with a better story attached to it,but what hits me like a bullrt its the quality of the casts acting, and the very well produced sound and visuals in the film.its a lot of blood but if you can cope with that youll have a hit here.its a film of death,desperation,snipers,signalshadow,cellphones,love,hate,revenge and a whole lot of bad can take my word that its a scary piece of horror so i you have the nerve , watch it....

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 7 / 10

Saw this recently on a dvd.
Been keeping a track of Kitamura's work after having enjoyed his Midnight meat train n No one lives.
The best part about this film is the daylight-soaked settings. Most of the action takes place under the scorching sun. There is no hand held camera stuff n even the night scenes were well shot.
Another good thing is that the film doesnt waste time n the thrill starts within minutes.
Has shades of the awful Carnage Park n also of Roadside n Phonebooth.
The violence is excessive, there is solid tension n the editing top notch. The shoot-outs r brutal.
It falls into the category of edge of the seat thriller. Not even for a sec I paused the film.

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