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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by markjhanson 1 / 10

Drone On...

This is a totally unoriginal story. Very similar to the recent Pierce Brosnan film IT. This narrative has been played so out so many times in so many films you can skip the unsurprising ending. If you want to save a dollar just watch the trailer, you have the whole unimaginative story.

Sean Bean & Patrick Sabongui are excellent actors and their performance are first rate considering the material but the rest of the film is a complete dud and hard to watch. Looking on the producers list of past films he is not known for ground breaking or original stories and this is waste of 90 minutes of your life.

Reviewed by Dave Nesbitt 8 / 10

Very Well Done - Better than expected

Based on the comments I read here, I wasn't going to watch this movie. One even said this was basically the same as the movie I.T. which is silly. They are two entirely different stories.

Yes. They both involve psycho's but I.T.'s psycho is truly going psycho for the most flimsy of reasons. I couldn't even finish watching that movie.

This movie however really delves into a legitimate reason why someone would do what the antagonist did in this movie.

It avoided a paper thin presentation of the Muslim's rage against the guy who killed his family by drone strike. And it had a totally different take on the possibilities where this movie could end up. I'm saying it like that so I don't ruin the movie.

The acting while not stunning was quite good. The writing was actually understated which I liked. The response of the government to this situation seemed more plausible than some movies that are so over the top.

This should be rated higher, at least a solid 6.5 to 7.0. In my mind, this movie is worth an 8.

Reviewed by pgkravich / 10

true to its name

Most part of the movie is a picture taken from the sky. Real mechanical drone versus human eyes drone. Great comparison by the director. For the first 5 minutes, I was worried thinking I came to the wrong foreign movie. It is true thriller with a common theme but from a different angle. It is not really a military movie. Sean Bean's acting is excellent. He is secretive but covert. His facial expressions are amazing and his handling of stressful events are masterful. He lets himself helpless and vulnerable only at times and places were is heart is near and dear. The villain Amir SHaw ( Movie Name) is a talented actor who displays great control of his emotions most of the time. When he lost his composure he acted truly as a suffering madman. Every one had a part to play and they were wonderful. I am sorry to say the crowd attracting phenomenon was not there because of lack of commercial advertisement. I give this movie 6.5

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