Fifty Shades Freed


Drama / Romance / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The Fresh Prince 10 / 10

Oh give me a break internet users, it's not that bad at all!

Come on - how can a well-shot, well-played film with some great soundtrack be that bad? I don't buy it!
I saw the whole franchise but never read the books, personally I think it's a fun cool movie to watch, and there is nothing wrong with taking a break from super-heroes and SW. The world is begging for something different and when it comes - it should have your blessing.
Dakota is charming as always and so does Dornan. Nothing is over-dramatic in the acting as I was told by someone who didn't even see the film (Can't get lower than that).
So say as much as you want, but not everyday you see an erotic franchise makes hundreds of milions in the box office.
A+ on my scale. Go watch it and don't let the hype trick you because IT IS a great film. There's more to life than spiderman 3....

Reviewed by andrbdeea 9 / 10

From a MOTU fan - after all these years finally a full circle! My life is complete

Been a fan of the books since the author wrote it as a fanfiction. It was extremely hard to contain my joy every time she updated. I cried, I laughed, I cringed, I ended up frustrated but always going back for more.
This is not a movie for people that don't want to add some spice in their lives. This is more a review for those that are into erotica reading. My cinema decided to have a pre-screening last night so of course I wanted to see the last part of something that for me was a solace in moments of solitude.
Long story short, for those that are fans of the book YOU will enjoy it like hell. You will fall in love again with the characters, you will leave the cinema with a smile on your face and your heart at peace.
For those that feel this is embarrassing to watch in a room full of people order a copy at home. You will enjoy it! You will be annoyed probably but in the end you'll
understand a little bit why so many people are into this.
It's not about the kinky stuff, it's more about how some tortured souls found their happily ever after by giving love a change.
P.S. The soundtrack was ok but not one song stood out to me like in the previous 2. But yeah, it worked with the scenes I guess.

Reviewed by Ogirdor H 1 / 10

Fifty Cents Worth

Finally the franchise is over. For me, this trilogy was a complete torture. What is that a new modern Cinderella with taste for boundage? I just can?t believe some "critics" reviewed this title with a 10 just to upgrade de rating: Nice try, it didn?t work.
There is a bunch of surrealistic characters that reminds me of the Twilight saga.
This is like soft erotica for soppy widows, a raisy magazine for feminist, S&M encyclopedia for Dummies. I can?t believe i watch this. But i can recognize it was fan at first, just for the greatest hype. Then, it felt it was a completely waste of time.
This movies along with the books should be erase from earth right away.

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