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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by helmsbraedon 10 / 10

Honestly the only live action movie I enjoyed watching.

If you have any concerns with this adaptation, don't worry I originally was concerned too, until I watched the parfait scene at the beginning, then I realized Gintama was in good hands here. The movie is literally just the anime but live action. The characters could be accurately described as their animated counterparts. I think Gintama is the only manga series to be translated into real world this easily because of its fourth wall breaking and anime parodies. Truly an amazing movie.

Reviewed by arjellis 10 / 10

laughed until my ribs hurt

I caught this movie on a flight from the UK to Hong Kong. I am not an anime fan at all but spent a majority of my life in Japan. This movie was initially a time filler for me but I soon started to realise just how well played out the story is. It is often difficult to capture the essence of Japanese humour when it is interpreted into English as the basis of our humour is different. The translators of this movie have done such an amazing job and to read how the Japanese is interpreted I felt myself was unable to stop laughing. It is a brilliant movie that captures all of the neat things that are Japanese but manages to preserve them in the translation. I recommend you watch it, its a great movie!

Reviewed by phanthinga 9 / 10

This is a truly Gintama movie to the core

As an anime/manga fan i'm very skeptical when it come to live action adaptation movie although this year Ghost in the Shell is surprisingly good but not until the Gintama live action movie it finally blew me away.Gintama is my all time favorite comedy anime and probably the hardest anime to make a adaptation cause the whole series is a one big anime/manga parody but thank to the director for understanding the source material all the jokes and references pull out very well.The cast definitely have a blast while making the movie cause not only they look very close but also portrayed very well all the beloved characters in the series.The production value is good when they manage to recreate all the little details and important aspect of the movie.Non anime fan also can enjoy this movie and cause they choose the Benizakura arc which is the most easy arc to know all the characters.My problem is there not enough screen time for some character and one of the main villain of the series is Shinsuke Takasugi pretty laughable.There still some fan favorite side characters need to be introduce and the fight scene need to be better choreographed but i believe this is a good step for live action movie right now

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