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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sossevarvo 8 / 10

A thrilling, neon-drenched subterranean madcap odyssey anchored by a superbly nervy Robert Pattinson

The new feature from the Safdie Brothers, Good Time, is utterly incontrovertible proof of Robert Pattinson's talent. A skilled young actor who broke out young, Pattinson, like his equally skilled former co-star Kristen Stewart, has been plagued by his "Twilight" image, and accordingly (and unjustly) derided because of his involvement. The truth is that both Pattinson and Stewart are audacious and feverishly talented young actors, and Good Time will convince all who see it that Robert Pattinson is a fearless and versatile actor.

As an ashen-faced, stubble-laden, nervy-eyed criminal thrust into a constantly escalating trip into the recesses of city nightlife, where stakes are always high, Pattinson relishes in the opportunity to inhabit this character and fully realise all his traits. His pretty-boy-image disappears into an expertly assembled composite of agitated mannerisms and a thick Bronx-like brogue.

The film excels in its visuals. The Safdies adore neon light, which leads to many memorable neon-drenched sequences, such as an extended sequence in a haunted-house theme park that reels in the tension. Much of the film takes place at night, allowing for some atmospheric, neo-noir vibes to come to the fore. What also must be credited is the unrelenting pace of the film, living up to its cheeky title through constantly escalating stakes, a thunderously exciting electronic score and a plot that keeps throwing delightfully absurd and insane twists to keep you constantly engaged. Good Time been likened a lot to Dog Day Afternoon, Sidney Lumet's taut and incredible bank-heist-gone-wrong film, and it's a comparison that is apt, if a bit flattering; the Safdies come close to matching that film's inspired lunacy and delirious tension, through a decidedly more modern aesthetic.

The Safdies directorial style is unique, and I'll be honest it at times got on my nerves. I noticed early on that almost every shot is a close up, often hand-held, which can feel claustrophobic, but also just irritating. That being said, I grew used to the style, and eventually understood its purpose, in buttressing the manic instability of its protagonist, and his morally questionable odyssey. Even so, the style was not always seamless with the narrative. Make sure you don't sit too close to the screen when you watch this film.

Good Time is an exciting, pulsating, modernised noir/New Hollywood thriller that deserves a lot of praise for its terrific suspense and Pattinson's bravura turn.

Reviewed by Darksidecrew / 10

Good Time (2017, The Safdie Brothers) review

Good Time (2017, The Safdie Brothers) This is a wonderfully gritty crime film that is mostly set over one night. It has the sensibilities of a 70's film and feels like a film Abel Ferrera would want to make is he had any talent. The story follows a bank robber (Robert Pattinson)who finds himself unable to evade those who are looking for him. The acting is superb but the tone of the film might not be for everyone as its a loud, messy world of agitation and intensity that is quite tiring. I personally thought it was great and got a lot out of it and loved the style of presentation from the credits and cinematography to the great synth' score. 7.5-8/10

Reviewed by mr-navy-bean 1 / 10

Watch it with the sound off, it will make more sense

One of the worst, laziest, illogical, empty films I have EVER seen. I cannot believe the critics on this. It really makes me think the system is dirty.

This is a loud, boring, nonsensical movie. There are plot holes everywhere, long shots of cars driving on the street, loud music, and a laughably (not intentional) sentimental ending. I could (but won't) list all the lazy, sloppy and idiotic choices this movie makes, but I don't blame the filmmakers.

I blame the "film critics" who can't see the difference between a good movie and a complete waste of time and money. Only A.O. Scott recuses himself.

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