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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sym007 10 / 10

Emotional and fun storytelling at a sad time W/O getting into the weeds

I really enjoyed the movie and feel like it captured a lot of the interactions I had witnessed and encountered growing up. It was interesting to see how no matter what parts of the world that you're in, some things never change. As an Asian American I was able to relate a lot to the movie but was also drawn into all of the characters and it was well written, acted and directed. Although the movie was set during difficult times of the aftermath of the Rodney King verdict, the movie didn't dwell into the details of it but rather provided the perspective from everyday people in LA around that time. Back in those days, gangs were a lot more prevalent in LA and of course it was more dangerous. In this movie, you get to see how different people perceive each other based on their race and history. Different cultures are intertwined and everyone is trying to survive to make a living whither it is legal or not. But what's most interesting is seeing how two family's history can connect people together and how conflict is not without its consequences. David So was funny and you feel sorry for him as he experiences a bad day throughout LA. But he has it easy in comparison to other characters you start to care for who go through more struggles when they shouldn't have to. The ending was very emotional and you feel for those characters. Justin Chon did an excellent job with everything since not only he wrote and directed but acted too. It's refreshing to see the Korean-American perspective and I'm looking forward to his next movie on Korean adoptees.

Reviewed by dorjeoac 10 / 10

It was a compelling movie touch touch me and many others

Well the movie was about bringing out the raw emotions of the story without gimmick or compromise. The title says it all, one that most people would not dare to use to get a movie out. But this movie was not made to make money or impress but rater get a story out that would reach and touch people. The black and white was effective portraying more of the raw feelings. It was a compelling movie touch touch me and many others. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone.

Reviewed by emperoryad 10 / 10

Very Good Movie

Very good movie, never boring, hit on all the emotions. Unique storytelling you'll see when you watch the movie. Good acting by the main actors and actresses in the movie. Nice to see a story from the eyes of a person who knows about it and was there. Like the profound ending too, but won't give too much about that.

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