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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cdcrb 10 / 10

a moral tale

Probably a masterpiece. a morality "western". in the 1880's, a soldier, with a very violent and clear conscience, is about to be discharged. as his last assignment, he is charged with taking a group of Indians back to montana. along the way he meets violence and his past. you really need to just get into the movie. let it take you on its journey.

Reviewed by Dharmesh 9 / 10

"watch it until you see the beauty within.."

A play on words taken from a quote from the film, couldn't be more appropriate for my review as it forms the basis of what the film is about..

We have Juliette, played by Brittany Ashworth, who is absolutely beautiful, but hides a very troubled life.

Then we have Jack, played by Gr?gory Fitoussi who is an all together wealthy, stable man who has an eye for seeing the beauty within. He is naturally curious when he stumbles upon Juliette who has clearly come into his art gallery to avoid the rain and steal some free food! lol
He is nevertheless captivated by her and so the story begins..

This film is very enjoyable and genuinely keeps you interested and entertained throughout.. The film has a warmth and innocence to it that the writer conveys without making it overly complicated, despite Juliettes troubled life and grim realities of living in a post apocalyptic world.

The cast give brilliant performances and the story flows seamlessly between the past and the present. Its a lovely story and directed brilliantly by the writer and a cast you just can't help falling in love with! lol

This film is not about zombies or an apocalypse. Rather, this story, is about LOVE.. About a man who falls in love with a girl, a girl who he wants to help, rescue, look after and live happily ever after with..
Nothing wrong with that.. right?

The apocalypse. why have it? well it could be a metaphor in the way that, these days, for a guy and a girl to find each other and live happily ever after, there almost has to be lots of 'end of the world' dramas! Not to mention put up with todays zombies or as we call them "trolls" which everyone seems to have turned into these days! So maybe life today is apocalyptic? :)

Well done Mathieu on the brilliant script and execution and well done to the stunning cast for their performances.. Watch out for Brittany, she is a megastar in the making.. I just hope that Hollywood does not ruin this lovely actress or steal her innocence:)

Thank you :)

Reviewed by ecolgrave 9 / 10

What would you do ?

Just seen this masterpiece, it's incredible writing & directing. The Plot reveals the struggles of Jack & Juliet. Portrayed superby by Gregory & Brittany, who keeping us intrigued to the heart wrenching end.

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