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Reviewed by lbarrow-1 9 / 10

Thought Provoking SCI FI with Balls

I wasn't expecting much from this film. I was wrong.

It reminded me a bit of Pandorum which I also liked. Essentially a team of soldiers get sent to a rock at the end of space which contains a biological organism which contaminates on contact with the skin.

I don't want to spoil much so the acting was of a high standard. The storyline unfolds at a fast pace. It kept me interested all the way through. The sets created for the bleak space station were very impressive.

The psychosis experienced by some of the inhabitants of the station was particularly well handled. My favourite bit was the interaction between the radio officer and Carmichael where they experience short term memory loss and repeat conversations they have had with each other.

The ending was also done very well.

All in all a surprising little sci fi/horror gem!

Reviewed by luka3991 8 / 10

Pleasantly surprising, good sci-fi!!

As always I started weighing my choices of movies for the evening by consulting several movie-review sites, amongst which also IMDb. When I saw the 5.4 rating I thought it might be some kind of cheap-shot bad attempt at movie-making, however after going through some of the reviews here (most of which were actually encouraging) I decided to give it a try anyway. What I got was almost 2 hours of so much tension that afterward I realized I had literally not moved my face away from the screen during the whole movie. Personally I like this kind of sci- fi. The dark, claustrophobic, tense scenario provides for a genuine thrill. Character development is not very deep (it's not exactly that kind of movie), but is certainly not lacking. The production value is up to standards as well, good CGI but definitely not overdone (did not need to be overdone as no compensation for a lack of plot is needed). The movie reminds me a bit of Pandorum (2009) and Sunshine (2007). My only comments on the script/plot is that they could have cut several scenes short by a few sentences, which would not have resulted in any loss of quality and would have maybe improved the progression slightly. But I dare to say that Infini is better than 90% of the sci-fi stuff produced in the last 10 years. I absolutely loved this movie and would recommend it to any true sci-fi fan.

Reviewed by seven_pub 8 / 10

Way better then 70% of sci fi movies in the last 3 years

OK so it's not the common type of Hollywood big budged, I agree. Well you might even need to drink 2 or 3 beers to get inside that universe, but if you do it's a damn good movie, it keeps you thinking, the message is simple, yet I can't say I have seen a similar idea so far and I've seen thousands of movies.

Acting is decent, so are the few action scenes, which I have to say they are not many but enough to keep you hooked.

Who knows if it had a budget like Alien or Prometheus it might have been quite a masterpiece. My opinion, give it a try, you might really like it if you are a sci fi fan.

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