Kingsman: The Golden Circle


Action / Adventure / Comedy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by franciswaterson 3 / 10

Lame, Forced comedy fills this instantly forgettable sequel

Why is it that so many fun, inspired originals are followed by such lame, poorly written (and juvenile) sequels?

The first one was a hugely entertaining spy flick with some comedy in it to be sure, but this one puts the accent on the comedy, and is impossible to take seriously whatsoever. This would not have really been an issue if it was genuinely funny; but instead of wit and clever wordplay, we are 'treated' to an abundance of uninspired, vulgar and childish humour. Elton John repeatedly dropping the F-Bomb (Please, don't go on), a attractive woman asking someone to urinate on her (I can't stop laughing), or an old man stating that he has just soiled himself (Stop, my sides are hurting). Actually, my head hurt after sitting through 141 minutes of this. (Well over half an hour too long). I recommend waiting for Netflix.

Reviewed by adamonfilm 7 / 10

Entertaining, but never quite reaches the heights of its predecessor

'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' has everything fans of the first film could have possibly wanted and more. Action, humour and special effects are all in abundance and visually it's very impressive. The plot is decent, especially for a sequel, but it never quite reaches the same level as the first film. The British/American theme works well though and there are some very funny cultural jokes and references.

As someone who loved the first 'Kingsman', I'm pleased that the sequel didn't disappoint. It remains true to everything that made the first film such a success, including taking some big risks and thinking out of the box. The end result is an imperfect and at times messy film, but a rewarding and highly entertaining one nonetheless. 'The Golden Circle' is much better than expected but just not quite on the same level as the first film.

Reviewed by lggardner-76824 1 / 10

Positively the most idiotic movie I've seen in decades.

1(awful).... Actually that is a KIND rating, but there's no option for a negative rating so I went as low as I could. Simply stated, I went to this film on the basis of its prequel which while not great, was entertaining. This film is so STUPID and poorly written that I'm frankly astonished that any of the "talent" hired to play the roles, agreed to do it at all lest their resumes be thoroughly sullied. I've walked out of 3 or 4 movies in my life. Tonight I added another. Don't waste your time unless you enjoy AWFUL films and you're a cinematic masochist. My time would have been better spent sorting socks.

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