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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by willudie 6 / 10

Like the first reviewer CJFourake said, not quite as good as the first. But other than that he was spot on. It was a little better than mediocre.

Good movie to watch if it is free. But seriously, anything I had to say was already covered by the first reviewer.

Reviewed by CJFouraki 5 / 10

Not as good as the first

Lazer Team 2 is a fun, B-grade sci-fi, action, comedy and it goes by quickly.

The movie moves forward at a good pace, slowing down only a few times for some jokes. Some jokes had me laughing and others fell flat, but not everything can be hilarious.

Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Colton Dunn, Kirk Johnson and Nichole Bloom were all serviceable in their roles and were good to watch on-screen together.

The story was straightforward enough but mostly feels like a long skit rather than a movie, but is still enjoyable overall.

The visuals were B-grade level campiness, serviceable to the plot and fit in with the overall tone of the film. It made for some fun scenes and helped make a bigger bang of an ending.

It's from the Rooster Teeth company, a massive online company of content creators, so there are a lot of easter eggs and cameos for the fans. You don't need to be up to date with all of their online content though as this movie, like its predecessor, stands alone.

Overall, it was campy, goofy, sci-fi fun, and I'd be down with a third movie, especially if they take it to where they said they would in the end-credits scene. And judging by where this film was set based on the end-credits of the first one, it's a high possibility if they get the funding for it. I had a good time watching it. It's nothing amazing but hey, if you've got some time to kill, why not watch this? 5/10 average fun.

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