Let the Sunshine In


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LWong1999 10 / 10

Claire Denis' "Let the Sun Shine In" is an exhausting and overwhelming experience, as is the choreography of romance and life it is set in. In the world of tinder, it's all 1s and 0s, but real life these days is much less binary and less immediately satisfying. You won't find that kind of easy romcom satisfaction in Denis' film. One is buffeted by indecision, imprecision, and inaction while swimming in self doubt and self loathing. Isabelle, our stand-in for the duration, is emotionally exhausting. She asks a lot of her lovers and of the audience. She says "stay with me, stay," and Denis uses Juliette Binoche to maximum seductive affect but it's not an easy journey. Isabelle is, by turns, a strong woman with a lot to offer and who knows what she wants, but also a weak human being filled with doubt. She's a paradox and a contradiction, but she also understands without acknowledging that she will always have opportunities...another opportunity. She is someone who is exploring the boundaries of her self. It's perplexing territory to the men she meets but also to herself. Denis shows us as many facets of Isabelle as we are willing to see, that we can see. I think there's a lot more there than I could see at one sitting. A unique portrait. Her best film since "White Material." I'd love to talk to her about it!

Reviewed by mtrusk 9 / 10

I don't think the people giving this a 1/10 went into this with realistic expectations. This is French cinema, it's going to be sad and harsh and difficult and the character likely won't come to a concrete and obvious realization leading to her happiness. This movie does not hold your hand, but it is well worth it for those willing to look deeper into their emotional history to see what it is reaching for. There are some conversations that don't land but a lot do because Juliette Binoche gives a stellar performance. This is the type of character study that most actresses wait their whole life to do, she's a volcano of emotions bubbling under the surface for the whole runtime. Her character is probably a "bad person". She dates several married men, but that does not invalidate her problems. This movie is about the idea that chasing perfection can often lead you down the wrong path in your relationships and lead to a fear of commitment. For anyone who finds it difficult to be swept off your feet and easily believe in the rest of your life with someone, this is the movie for you. If you think the title of the film is a task that is easy to achieve, maybe it isn't.

Reviewed by Lalpera 8 / 10

A good French romantic comedy with an easy go. It is a story of a middle aged woman Isabelle, a divorc?e who seeks a meaningful love with a spicy intimate relationship. She meets and have short relationships with couple of men but ended up only with illusion. Isabelle is just a woman like any other, who needs love care and sex in a normal manner. But the men she meets with quite different personas are huge mismatches to her love expectations and desires. Juliette Binoche is the centerfold of this movie, taking command of her character Isabelle rendering great stamina to the character. There is no doubt about Binoche's awesome acting talents and beauty and she keeps her legend in the movie by giving a very vibrant intensity to Isabelle's character. She laughs, she cries, she suffers, she daydreams, she's angry, she fights - all these moments are exceptionally portrayed by Binoche like a fish swimming in the water. All men portrayed are skilled actors and have done justice to their characters.

Director Claire Denis does a great job. She coordinates a great screenplay with great acting and editing. She manages the opening sex scene very well in which high intimacy running wild between the couple but something is seriously missing kind of idea successfully transmitted to the audience. Denis uses close up techniques quite successfully, particularly of Isabelle's facial reflections, to display the complexity of her character. Music is appropriate and suits most of the scenes. The balance between the close-up shots with wide angles speaks a lot about a good cinematographer.

My only complaint is about the end scene where Isabelle meets the fortune teller and when he starts a pretty boring 10-15 minutes 'analysis' about her love life and the men she have had affairs with. Total waste of time and his monotonous boring voice kills half of the good mood you acquired since the beginning of the movie. Denis should have left that analysis be done by the audience, on their own way rather than narrated through a dull character.

A good one, as often as we get from the French side of the world.

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