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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sarah-lange23 10 / 10

This film was touching and philosophically beautiful beyond measure

This movie is the wake-up call that Western civilization needs now! This isn't preaching: it's an open discussion about the importance of spirituality and the need for people to live with pride and dignity and to value the beauty of human experience over the hollow sale of consumerism.

I can't recommend this film enough: it is a philosophical masterpiece and a beautiful and engaging open debate about human nature.

Reviewed by vnnlaw 10 / 10

Excellent movie

I saw this movie today at the AMC theater Garden city NJ ..AWESOME MOVIE...another Faith base family movie . ... Thank you Jesus. ???????????? All the Charters were great in particular the oldest son Kevin who played the role of looking out for his mom best interest I loved that . Good acting Kevin you are a star. Well put together film .. ...I do not usually write reviews but had to with this movie cause it is EXCELLENT

Reviewed by deweber-82729 8 / 10

It's all about choices

Dark vs. Light. God gave us his Son as a perfect sacrifice for our sins but we still have the right to choose for ourselves what we want to believe and how we want to live our lives. This movie doesn't force anything on anybody just puts the choice out there in this one mans spiritual journey. Some many want to bring Kleenex for those tears that may come. #LTBL

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