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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rchoyle 10 / 10

Low Budget = High Yield

I began watching this movie with modest expectations, but by the time it finished, it not only exceeded them, but has become one of my favourite indie movies in event memory! I taped this movie on my PVR or as known in the U S, DVR, several times over the course of a year or so, only to find myself always erasing it to free up some space for other programs. However the last time I recorded it, I said " this time I'm going to watch it!" And am I glad I did. It tells the story of a pair of Japanese siblings who wind up in a small California town on their way to San Fran and Manzannar, a town know for Japanese internment during WWII, in which the grandparents of the siblings were held. Along the way, they get stranded in a town and find friends with the local teens who are around the same age of the two siblings. The brother speaks very little English, just enough to get by, but the sister, no English at all which really adds to the movies story, I fact IMO, it's what takes this movie for just okay to over the top, or from a rating of 5 to a rating of 10. Without describing too much of the plot, I will just say the movie is about Atsuko's relationships with her new found friends in the small town her and her brother stumble upon. Highly recommended for someone who wants to see something a little different!! I would also like to add, this movie is proof positive that you can tell a great story and make a wonderful movie with a limited budget!

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10


Brother Rintaro Sakamoto and sister Atsuko Sakamoto are driving to San Francisco on a family mission. Their car breaks down and they are stranded in Littlerock, California. Rintaro speaks some English and admires Americana. Atsuko doesn't speak any English at all. Rintaro is drawn to a loud party in their motel and the siblings befriend Cory Lawler. At an another party, Jordan moves in on Atsuko and Cory pushes his way as a third wheel on their bicycle date. Atsuko secretly sleeps with Jordan and decides to stay with Cory when Rintaro leaves. She starts working at Cory's father's restaurant. Francisco Fumero is the Spanish speaking cook. Language difficulty is a constant. Cory owes money to some thugs and he wants to borrow money from his father to take off to L.A.

Atsuko has a minimalist style of acting. With no English, she has a mysterious presence. It's kind of a reversed Lost in Translation indie. Cory has a creepy pathetic vibe. I would love Cory to completely deteriorate and confront Jordan. I would love for the story to pick up some dramatic speed. Instead it takes lyrical turns. It culminates in a phone call between Atsuko and Cory where neither understands the other. It's a bit poetic but it's not really climatic. The story feels truncated and the movie is a bit short. I also would like Atsuko to throw a rock through Jordan's window.

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