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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Scott Butler 9 / 10

Fantastically Dark and Gritty Drama

I had the pleasure of attending the world premiere of this movie at the Downtown Independent in LA. I came out feeling very impressed with the movie, it was a serious gritty drama that lead you down a long dark path to a climactic resolution set against the mesmerizing location of a cold and corrupt prison in Thailand.

The direction by Jared Cohn was beautifully done, you felt that there must have been a great chemistry between director and lead (played by the very talented Kelly McCart, one to watch for), as many of the scenes must have been very challenging to perform.

This was released on the same day as the screening as a Netflix Original movie, a very well deserved placement, I'm sure it will do very well.

Reviewed by Frost 3 / 10

Good concept, but certain scenes could've been left out

When I first heard of this movie, it was definitely something that sounded like I'd enjoy. I can deal with nudity, I could care less if movies have it. However, I felt the nudity in this was over saturated. I was also taken very off guard by the sex scenes, which includes the gang rape. While penetration was not shown, you know what's happening. The nudity and sexual content was just too much, and really felt like this was more of a porno. I understand wanting to showcase the corruption and problems, but it was just too much.

I enjoyed the story and the idea, but feel the nudity could've been toned down and the sexual content implied only.

Reviewed by Joel Germain 3 / 10

Good concept but very bad movie

This is not a new idea: american youngster stuff in a world where she needs to fight for survival... guess i jump to far in the movie.
Even though this is some "already seen on tv" baseline for the movie, the way the movie was written and shoot is not that great. Considering they are supposed to represent a prison for young women/teenager, this movie seems to be just an excuse to show naked women and abuse people with questionnable age reference. It's basicly a soft porn for a quarter of the movie.

If you have time to loose, this movie is good for loosing that. If you want a good time, choose something else.

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