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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by louiethepitt 8 / 10

Cage keeps the acting level High

There was a Time Nicolas Cage was an acting God... then he got older and the movies he chose were not that great.... but now he has come to terms with his age and the acting is back guys... great level acting...good movies... this are not the super blockbusters he used to make nor he is that Hollywood God... but everything has a season... and this Nicolas Cage season is like a good old Wine... as for this movie... good suspense... great acting... and a very good premise... great quality... simply put...cage is Back and the B grade movies are long behind.

Reviewed by jtindahouse 5 / 10

The potential was there

I will always remember the film 'Vacancy' because I went into it with zero expectations and ended up having one of the best film experiences I can remember. Really the only similarity that 'Looking Glass' has to that film is that it was set in a motel in the middle of nowhere. Still though, a part of me had hopes of another hidden gem. It wasn't to be though. The film starts off with some potentially exciting plot points and mysterious goings on, but can never live up to them and provide any pay off.

There's also a serious lack of suspense in the film. At no point are you ever on the edge of your set needing to know what is going to happen next. The film just kind of drifts along and even when something that's supposed to be exciting is happening, it really isn't that captivating. The one bright point for me was Nicolas Cage. Even though his career has been in serious decline for over a decade now, he can still act the pants off most people in the industry when he tries. Sadly though, he's far from enough to save this forgettable film that I wouldn't recommend spending your hard-earned on.

Reviewed by Peter 4 / 10


Like most cage movies, it was poor. weird storyline and boring, dont waste your time nothing much happens.

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