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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by celestemartinross 10 / 10

An amazing message that is conveyed beautifully. Watch from your heart not your head. Scenery lovely too.

Reviewed by link_time 10 / 10

It's a nice and spiritual movie to watch.
She is an amazing woman and full of inspiration.

Reviewed by kai_neg 9 / 10

Taking the most influential, taken apart, retold, sold, fabricated, used, abused and misunderstood man of the last 2018 years is no easy task. Simply because it really involves all of those things. However, I understand that that's the main reason this production happened. It's a story told a million times, and not told well enough.

I have never seen so much effort into telling the story of Jesus in the most accurate way possible. The movie is filled with its historic background. From its pace to its cinematography. To me, that is the effect seen from much research. This team was not worried about pleasing this or that crowd as they were with what they found out and what they interpreted throughout the process. There's a great unity in this work, which is rare to find. This same outlook permeates the whole movie and the cast.

It took guts to make something made so mystical over the years to be something human, possible, close. From being accurate on the cultural influence on everything that Jesus did or talked about to showing the almost zero impact he had on society of the time. To showing the simplicity of the traveling and eating of the group, to showing the big influence a woman had on the story that unfolded.

An outstanding movie that captured the essence of Chistianity.
Because of that, there's a big chance of it being forgotten, ignored and misinterpreted, just like the real story and the real characters.

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