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Reviewed by rookrulz 10 / 10

One of my top 10 movies of all time

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. It is all about the characters in my opinion. The actors in this movie, and series, bring such life to the roles they play. In this movie you simply get a chance to meet the characters and go on a little adventure with them. But in the next movie you really get a chance to delve deeper into them. Aside from the incredible acting, the scenery and filmography is incredible. The large shots in the outdoors is breathtaking and the indoor sets are very believable. Lastly, the score matches the movie in grandeur. I even bought the CD to listen to the music while driving! All in all, not only should you watch this movie but, even more importantly, watch the next one to really get a feel for where this series is going!

Reviewed by gordygordy-07283 9 / 10

So many harsh reviews, this is not a billion dollar Hollywood movie!

I've watched many movies in the same category, and to be honest this one blew me away. If you're a real fan of fantasy games, series or movies this is a great squeal to watch!

Every review I've read has always been incredibly harsh and it's apparent that they've all been expecting a Hollywood standard film with 10/10 special effects.

The acting in this movie was better than its prequel, as well as the graphics being up to a much better standard. The scripts will make you giggle at times but those parts are all tongue in cheek. The story- line leads on from it's prequel quite well and leaves it open at the end for another sequel(it's obvious to tell that the timeline is long even from the first movie) and I'd personally love to see it.

If you take this movie for what it is(a fantasy movie obviously made by a lot of passionate fantasy fans) you'll be more than happy by the end of it. It's also really nice to come across a female protagonist who has a great back story and isn't half naked.

All in all, graphics aren't great but you shouldn't be expecting much with their budget. Actors are alright but the fantasy detail is very precise.

9/10 - I want more!

Reviewed by patrickkemner 8 / 10

Good movie that was made but with a few gold coins

Some vague spoilers following the work of the crew...

This movie picks up the story where it ended in Quest for Heroes.

Again, Mrs Anne Black and her crew of actors and technicians do a good movie with little resources. I wonder how they do it. :)

Actors do good things to improve the movie, more than in the first I think. Although, I miss the dwarf. ;)

Good sound quality, the music is well composed and well placed, the cgi is better than in the first.

I'm happy that our big warrior didn't fell on his behind in this movie. I can't believe how many times he was on the ground in the first movie. haha!

Combat on the other hand is poor, especially in the big fight near the end of the movie where the orcs are just standing there and doing nothing, just waiting for... well, nothing. When surrounded the heroes should be fighting for their lives and being hit from every side, that would have been more epic. Maybe you guys should keep an eye on the combat scenes. Hitting someone with a foam or plastic sword or mace shouldn't hurt any of the actors. hehe! I know you work hard, but make sure you take each combat scene a couple of times to make it look the best and especially the most believable.

I know you are more interested in telling a story, but a movie needs to have good visuals too, not need to be Hollywood or Disney quality, just well made one with the budget you have. Have the enemies of the hero hit them next time, even if the blows glances off armour or shields, it makes the fight more believable and intense.

Kudos again for a good movie considering you had a limited budget. :D

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