Mythica: The Iron Crown


Action / Adventure / Fantasy


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paulgarner 9 / 10

Awesome fantasy on a low budget

I have devoured every one of these movies. Sure they are not the greatest movies ever but they are fun on a low budget. I saw the first two and could not wait for the rest to arrive. I can only imagine how well this would have done with a real budget.

Reviewed by nightcrawlercyp-311-219346 8 / 10

they finally managed to do a decent job.

The movie starts with a talk between Hercules and the dwarf. The dwarf proposes a valid plan with irrefutable logic. Yet Hercules refuses the plan because he is so self absorbed and goes with his own plan who would have worked if Hercules would have been to sacrifice his life. He was more than willing to sacrifice the life of friends and disciples but not his own. If you do not get how his plan would have worked watch . In the end Marek realizes following Hercules is a bad idea and that she should start thinking for herself. Too bad it took her 4 movies but guess better late than never. I guess the only thing that stunk was how they resurrected two characters like pulling a melon out of the screenwriter's ass. Marek could have used her own power to revive Dagen by depleting the life from a bad dude, but apparently it would have been too simple. Also Hercules is incompetent. He just had too each her how to draw life from just one person instead of everyone around.

Reviewed by Stuart Fisher 8 / 10

Enjoyable fantasy

I picked this up in the charity shop. I hadn't seen any of the earlier Mythica movies but that wasn't necessary. The film does a good job of setting the scene, and you get the idea of what it is all about from the first 10 minutes or so. The plot at first seems somewhat contrived (apparently there are several powerful magical artifacts involved), but as the story progresses it begins to make more sense. The main characters have good chemistry and I thought that the "bad guy" was really good too. Of course, it's pretty standard Dungeons & Dragons fare (the main characters are a Mage, Ranger / thief, and a Fighter / Paladin) but if you are OK with that then you will enjoy this.

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