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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by siderite 7 / 10

Gods are in the details

Somehow, the location of the last Dark Spore is known to both Wizard and Dwarf, both wanting to get their hands on it for different purposes. While the wizard keeps the warlock occupied, our team has to not only recover the shard of the Lich King's heart, but also protect it from no less than three different bands trying to get at it.

In a way it was a more fun Mythica, with a lot of fights and running around and Warcraft-like dwarfish machines. However, the details were really what stuck out like a sore thumb. The fighting scenes were choreographed really badly, with people that are obviously not fighters doing clumsy moves. God, I miss Danielle Chuchran! Then the little scenes, where the personality of a character could have shone through, they completely missed the spot!

In the end it was fun, but at every turn that could have been interesting something went really badly. I mean, I understand they cannot do focus groups on the result and reshoot the bad scenes, it's not that kind of budget, but when they shoot them, don't actors and directors feel something is off? See the scene where they make a deal, the bad guy gives their item first and the good guys go through with the deal, even when the fate of the world hangs in the balance. And the evil guys. They could be so much fun! The warlock has no sense of humor, he only wishes to kill everything. Why? What's the point?

Anyway, bottom line is that I am amazed how little the show improves with each iteration. I can accept almost everything, from bad acting, directing, editing, sound, CGI... which funny enough are rare in Mythica, they do a good job with what they have. But I can't really be comfortable with a lack of progress. Whatever you do, guys, try to learn from it at least a little!

Reviewed by lantonio-72606 3 / 10

Character Progress a let down

Mythica is turning out to be one of those pro-evil/satanic movies like evil dead, paranormal activity, naming the most obvious. So far I've progressed to the Iron Crown. Marek gave those stones because the evil in her push her to do so. She justified this whenever she gave a stone to Szorlok, always for a good reason, but she knowingly forfeits all other human life, because I can't explain why she gave the last stone away UNLESS. She is emotionally enslaved by Szorlok. As much as she promised to her friends that she will save the world, in the end she reveals her sneakiness.

I am about to see the last movie, but I think that she is going to betray humanity. She may justify her choice for an ass-excuse, but she is foremost a necromancer and she will embrace the darkness that court her as a lover and it will encompass her soul.

Reviewed by gacsogergely 7 / 10

Two Tower of Mythica

It had some good point and some bad. First is first, I felt this part does not stand very well on its own, unlike previous installments. On the other hand the knight-guy finally got a decent role written for him, and that was the best thing in the movie.

Unfortunately until the ending despite like three different group targeting our crew - one of them I though are the gods, but they were not - the road-movie setup felt lack of action, which is totally strange. I never minded the amateur sword-pairing, no. Things were just ... happening. Maybe they needed some breath between the encounter, I don't know. But the special effects were used totally perfect, especially for the Sliders-like budget. Really, that was the other thing I praise the installment. The goa'uld/jaffa at the end even worked adequately, although I'm not sure where he disappeared.

The ending pulled things up for me, despite some details being forgotten, like why the gunpowder on the airship why didn't blow up? How the characters got knowledge on the carriage? None thought the hummer looks pretty anachronistic? And how did that character at the end come back? Did the goddess finally revealed where the hammer is? But then there were details which weight for the good side, like Marek gaining a mage-robe instead of the apprentice-robe she previously wore. Or a trick with the knife while pairing (good stunt move). Or the viking with the two axe. Or the evolving of the world that the dwarf ex-adventurer bartender now gives them their quest.

It was fun, and had its place, but had the same mistakes like Two Tower of Lord of the Rings - on its behalf we must confess this one cost way less though.

All in all I'm glad they continued, and kept interest for the final part. Interesting decision that they wrote out Kevin Sorbo for it. But better start the franchise with one of the other films.

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