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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mohitpathak-52361 10 / 10

Wonderful acting by Deepika Padukone, Ranveer singh and Shahid Kapoor. Movie has glorified Rajputs to the core. Padmaavat is a Masterpiece and a visual brilliance created by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. A Must watch movie.

Reviewed by outtamywaypunk 9 / 10

Well I know people have huge expectations from Bhansali production and rightly so. This movie doesn't disappoint in any way. Simple story told in most amazing way. Brilliant acting once again by Ranveer. This could be Defining moment of his career. Wonderful Cinematography, powerful background score that will give u goosebumps. Stunning costumes and locations. This movie faced a lot of criticism for no good reason. Rajput community shud only feel proud of it. But people who are protesting haven't even watched it im sure. so it all could be politically motivated. All you movie lover Go watch this one.. Celebration of love. Honor of a woman. pride and Bravery of Rajputana warriors and Goddess padmani..

Reviewed by kmathpal684 5 / 10

This movie aims to surpass the likes of Baahubali but falls way too short.
Nothing works in it's favour. Better to catch this when it comes on Amazon Prime.
Absolutely nothing to root for the movie, sadly this will be remembered in history only for controversies and not for story telling.

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