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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sonnymahal 10 / 10

After watching it 50 times I still can't stop watching it ! There's been about 30 great reviews from horror magazines and there's a huge reason why so check it out!!!

Reviewed by michaelmahal 10 / 10

It's one HELL OF A RIDE. If you like Horror comedies then you will love Bus Pary To Hell.

Reviewed by Andrew 8 / 10

First off, let me start by saying I think some of the less than favorable reviews for this movie seem to be a bit harsh and perhaps the viewers chose to take it a little too seriously. Which, in my opinion, would be a mistake since the movie itself very openly doesn't take itself seriously. At all. On purpose. After all, this is low budget, independent horror, with a playful nod to early years of slasher cinema.

That said, there's definitely room to pick apart several aspects of the overall production for those so inclined, but what's the fun in that? If you're just looking for entertainment, some bloody cheap thrills, and aren't afraid to laugh at a movie that isn't afraid to laugh at itself then it's quite a fun ride.

This title comes equipped with plenty of clever one-liners woven through the dialogue, and a devilish smorgasbord of blood, boobs, bad guys (and girls) to keep your attention up until the twist at the end, which is in itself noteworthy. I personally enjoyed this ill-fated adventure and found it worth the price of the bus ticket.

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