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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by suripat 10 / 10

Absolutely warm movie, glad I watched!

A very nice take on an autistic person life, dreams, difficulties. I watched with pleasure and every scene was so convincing. I simply cannot understand why this movie does not have higher scores. The Star Trek stuff was cleverly inserted into context and as a fan of science and space fiction that could not be better. Go watch it, if, as a Vulcan, you don't mind shedding some tears!

Reviewed by Haroot 10 / 10

Superb movie, my favourite for 2018 so far!

So before I make my armchair movie critic contribution I have to say that the review given by one particular gentleman is absolutely pathetic. I am certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that English is his second language and going by his grammar, very poor at it too!
Now the movie. I have been a Dakota Fanning fan since I saw her first in Man on Fire. A naturally talented actress whose talents just grew with her as she grew herself.
I found nothing wrong with the movie, the acting, story-line, cinematography and the directing was perfectly fine. This is a movie that highlights the fact that autism is not a handicap and in fact a lot of people with autism have some sort of hidden talents. I highly recommend this movie.

Reviewed by fatrascal-48091 10 / 10

So close to real

For those who panned this movie either through ignorance of Autism and it's many faces or those who "used to live" with someone dealing with Autism, it is much different when you have a family member that deals with this struggle day in and day out. My granddaughter whom I will only identity by her nickname Yaya is a hazel eyed angel whose emotions can turn on a dime, much like Dakota Fanning portrayed as 20 something Wendy who goes through the trials and tribulations of submitting a script for a Star Trek movie.
It was wonderfully directed with the characterizations of a high functioning Autistic person and those closely assimilated into her life, those expecting Oscar winning performances may be a bit disillusioned yet this movie is pretty much spot on, in the facing of adversity, the happiness an Autistic person experiences yet somehow gets their signals mixed up and can only relate it via calmness and acceptability of the given situation.
Yaya is not quite at the level of Wendy and may never be, that is the fear of my daughter, her husband and myself. It is a movie of love, understanding and compassion and more importantly the depiction of a young person attempting to bravely navigate a foreign world such as crew members of the of the Star Fleet ship the Enterprise would themselves.
It is a vehicle that spotlights Autism, the love and fears of those involved and the hope that our own crewmember will one day find her own way in this complex world of aliens.

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