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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dennis Littrell 10 / 10

Uncompromisingly realistic, beautifully realized

She is what she is. She is not able to restrain herself. She needs gratification. She can't postpone it. She succumbs to whatever it is, sex, heroin, alcohol, She is impulsive and she flies off the handle easily. She doesn't know that she behaves badly. She doesn't know that is not the way to dress. Or perhaps she does. She needs to be gratified, and so probably that is why she dresses that way.

She was sexually abused by her father who loved her. But who does she love? She desperately wants her daughter to love her. Do you love me? she asks. Say, "I love you, Mommie." The child does, but suddenly--and this is the denouement of the movie--Sherry realizes that there is some question about whether the child should love her. Yes, she has the stretch marks, but really does she deserve the title of "mother"? And does she love herself? Probably not, and maybe that is her biggest problem. It is said that women who are always seeking sex are really seeking a love that they cannot find. One always feels that if only they would pick the right man. But this is an illusion. There is no right man until she is the right woman.

Maggie Gyllenhaal does an outstanding job of becoming this woman who is lost in this world without a compass as to how she should behave and why, who is lost to everything but her immediate feelings. She is a child emotionally and she cannot understand why it is that life is so hard for her and why the world is so cruel.

This is a masterful portrait of a kind of person that is part of humanity. A good person at heart, not someone who would do others deliberate harm, but a person who is blind to who she is and to how others see her. Into what world does belong? is a question I kept asking myself. I don't know the answer.

Laurie Collyer's direction is exquisite. The players and especially the little girl are wonderfully directed. Everything is like the people next door without a hint of anything phony. The contemporary Garden State setting is real and the details and the atmosphere are as genuine as the New Jersey Turnpike. And the ending surprises. It is perfect but in a way that I suspect most viewers will not be able to predict. I know it surprised me.

My hat is off to Laurie Collyer and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Thank you for this modest little masterpiece and for not compromising reality or putting in any unnecessary fig leaves or giving in to any notions of political correctness. This is just a pure slice of life movie with a beginning, a middle and an end, beautifully realized. And yes it is rated R.

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Reviewed by Albionw 10 / 10

Great Performance

I saw this movie at Sundance and thought Maggies' performance was WOW. There is so much junk that makes it to the big screen, I am surprised this movie did not get widescreen release. Obviously the "suits" think movies that make you think won't appeal to mainstream audiences. While at Sundance watching this film, I was sitting near two woman that were adult probation officers and they stated that the movie was very realistic and thought the Director did a great job of capturing what woman go thru after they are released from prison. They also said that most woman in jail have been sexually or physically abused at sometime in their life. Great job and kudos to all those that worked on this movie!

Reviewed by endlessocean 9 / 10

Moving Story, Well Told

This was the best narrative film I saw at Sundance. It was a truthful movie about flawed people trying to live and love each other the best that they could. Maggie G. was amazing as always from the opening shot on the bus, to her final realization at the end of the film. She is easily the best young actress working today.

When it started and the premise of an addict getting out of jail unraveled I had a sinking feeling in my stomach - like, oh, one of those movies - yipes! But in every place where it could have been clich? and have the wince factor - it didn't. Again and again the script took the subtle approach and it pays off huge in the end. The directing was right on, particularly in scenes with minor characters where we just got enough with a quick short set up.

Additionally, the little girl playing the lead's daughter nearly stole the film in parts. She was something special. This film has the stuff, I hope it gets recognized for what it achieved.

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