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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xdroon-78574 8 / 10

Good film, with a few problems.

Mindbender of a film. The only detrimental things were a few actors just not being up to snuff, Thomas mainly, and a few plot beats.

Reviewed by Harhaluulo54 5 / 10

Unique and amateurish, but beautiful in its own way

Shortwave (2016) is on parallel with other amateur movies such as Primer (2004) and Coherence (2013). I am mentioning these two specific movies simply because this could be the 3rd big meme for that matter. Plus, it is better than either of those.

This film is less tedious and doesn't follow the basic "it's deep and I am smart for liking it" type of rating process quite yet, but I recommend giving it a go if you have better taste than reddit. For others, feel free to read my review few years after its original post date after seeing it on reddit/imgur under the caption "mindf#ck indie movies which you should watch" right between Primer and Coherence. Mark my words.

Reviewed by MrGKB 5 / 10

Overly ambitious faux-Outer Limits...

...that would likely have worked better as an extended short, this tyro effort by a bunch of people you've never heard of probably played a lot better in the writer/director's head than it does in the finished product. At times deadly dull, and other times messily incomprehensible, "Shortwave" has something to do with communicating with aliens who seemingly turn out to be violently disinterested in being bothered. The leading lady is attractive, one must grant, but eye-candy can't carry an ill-told story, especially when it's all tease and no delivery. The opening scene is cleverly executed, but once it's over, the film slowly sinks into the mire of its own artsy pretensions of mystery, all of which remain virtually inexplicable. Things occur that go nowhere. Hints are dropped and never picked up again. It all ends in a spate of death, furiously signifying nothing. I gave it an extra point or two for some nice DP work, but really, it's not worth the effort to seek it out or the time to watch it.

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