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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kashidomar 7 / 10

Rise of machines with ultimate judgement day.........

In many thoughts this movie is a combined idea of Terminator the Rise of machines and the judgement day. Only the time machine part of terminator is absent here. It also starts with the applied use of a supercomputer to control human beings. But as we know the machines always rise above the humans it is also not an exception.

Although many audience find boring to see these type of robotics Sci-Fi as they all share a more or less common idea. The first part of that belongs to the Machines and their domination and the second part reflects the fight back of man. This Sci-fi also goes in the same orbit.

But some things are different here. It is more concern with human bondage and it lacks of heavy machinery apparatus that frequently unloads the movie. It has made a good combination of action and slow rising tensions between computer and the survivors of human being..So you will not find the movie as only a sci-fi rather it is a mixture of drama, romance and hardwares and softwares also.

Those who like to see Robotics Sci-fi will enjoy it surely. The Terminator series..Ex machina..Blade runner..Robo these are liked by you then you are the candidate for this movie...Rest of all i am not sure.

Reviewed by screechy_jim 4 / 10

Not very good

Plain and simple, this is not a very good movie. There are definitely some good aspects to it that I did appreciate, but right off the bat there are some glaringly obvious problems that will probably irk you, so lets get them out of the way quickly.

97 years after the robots have destroyed 8+ billion people and our heroine is walking around in new clothes and makeup like she's just had a makeover. She,(in fact both our leads) are always pristine, its totally ridiculous. She also has a crossbow, arrows, a new canteen, GPS tracker and in fact just seems to magic things from nowhere whenever they are needed. It's preposterous. There are incidents like this throughout the whole movie that continually jerk you from the setting as you wonder how 'this or that' would be 'just so' given the history of events.

Aside from those overtly obvious issues there are many others. The acting is poor, the cast is very small and only John Cusack and Carmen Argenziano are up to the task. The script is terrible, it's corny, stilted, and hackneyed. There is a pointless voice-over that accompanies many scenes with our two leads, but mostly it just describes on screen events. Kronos always knows where they are and has a holo-image of everything they do yet he's having difficulty finding aurora. That our leads continually do stupid things or behave atypically is a given. Much of the music is overdone. There is barely a scene without musical accompaniment and this rather than the acting is what unfortunately conveys most of the mood. This is just a handful of he problems, there's a lot more, but you get the point so I won't go on.

However its not all bad. Though most everything in this endeavour is B-movie standard, the visuals aren't. There is some great cinematography. The scenic shots are great, the sci-fi shots with the mekanoids are also quite impressive, and good shots, angles, and perspective detail throughout... in fact the whole visual portfolio seems to have been carefully planned, structured and executed. Some credit is due here to the camera and visual crew. It's only with the action sequences where shots degenerate to shaky camera action that leaves a lot to be desired. The sci-fi special effects are also pretty good.

The plot is actually a good one, a post apocalyptic one with a lot of promise. Unfortunately it's just been executed poorly and a lot more care and planning needed doing before this went to screen. Some tips from 'The Walking Dead' would not have gone amiss.

I think its main failing is you're never really pulled in into the story because of the distractions and weaknesses. At best you watch, but are on the outskirts of everything happening on screen and never really taken into the tale. Its a sure-fire mistake that marks many self indulgent interests that centre too much on the project rather than the movie as a piece of entertainment from the perspective of the audience. If I had to guess I would say there' an inexperienced director at the helm and maybe a sketchy production crew.

As I've said I think there are some good people involved in this project, but all in all, the movie isn't entertaining and I can't say its worth watching... sadly.

Reviewed by conyo 3 / 10

what a waste of time

Such a disappointment. I am a fan of sci-fi movies, and here I was "wow, human vs machine apocalypse!". Boy, was I wrong. Plot has so many holes it's hard to describe, and sometimes you wonder if perhaps the editing moved scenes around (so ending scenes are in the middle of the movie etc). Lines are clich? ("you have to let me go" and such). Acting is sub-par (main character only uses two facial expressions - normal face and bulging eyes face). It steals ideas/images from other movies (octopus-like machines from Matrix; girl with a bow from Mockingjay series - yes, there are even birds here; the whole Terminator premise; bits of Mad Max wildlings). Also, as other mentioned, 97 years after the annihilation you still see crop fields, used rail tracks, clean paths through parks. And this student-project B-or-lower movie gets 8 out of 10 here? Don't waste your time on this one.

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