Some Kind Of Beautiful


Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jjackho 8 / 10

Let the story play out

Started out in a rather predictable way and somewhere in the middle kinda grabs you. Certainly a movie for the more romantically inclined...but even the most cynical will be touched. Just be a movie lover and let it play out... the actors are interesting to watch. The backdrop of California and England are shown with excellent cinematography and the music soundtrack works. It is a movie that the critics will never like but a genuine mover lover will be entertained. Pierce Brosnan, Selma Hayek and Jessica Alba had good chemistry and were enjoyable to watch on screen. Duncan Joiner as Jake was delightful to watch and was very convincing the young son in love with both of his parents..

Reviewed by Jason Patel 8 / 10

Pleasantly Surprised

Now this movie does have its moments of being relatively cheesy, but it wasn't that bad. I found myself becoming more into the movie as it progressed, never mind the beauty of both female leads. I'm not typically a fan of watching movies more than once, but this one definitely goes on my re-watchable list.

A fairly predictable ending but didn't bother my interest in wanting to keep finding out what happens.

Give it a chance, you just might be glad you did.

Reviewed by kms-91461 7 / 10

Different, not sweet and easy at all.

I read reviews and expected disaster. In fact it's quite different from what one may expect. It is not a typical romantic comedy, there is a lot of satire on the American way of living, while the whole film should not be taken too seriously. It is a fun, beautiful places, good acting. Just some life reality, although shown from a little bit funny perspective. Just enjoy it, because you can. I am a real fan of Brosnan and think he delivers as usual. Handsome despite his age, keeps just a proper distance to himself and the guy he plays. All leading actors are just fine and convincing. Watch it and you will enjoy it. May by this is not an extremely ambitious and complicated movie, but don't we need some fun from time to time? In addition, the backdrop landscape is just so nice to watch. So why not give it a go.

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