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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nick 5 / 10

Spit in the face of spider man fans

Spoilers and review coming from a Spider-Man fan. I want to say if I knew nothing about Spider-Man, this movie was good. But sadly I loved him and grew up with spidey. The movie was a typical marvel movie and funny at parts. But the rest, they hurt my inner child ruining spidey.

Tom Holland was a great Peter Parker and Spider-Man. But the producers and creative team behind this, ruined Spider-Man. I don't know how Stan lee could could happy with this. My god. They ruined Spider-Man. Spider-Man never needed a high tech suit, with all the gadgets and a damn voice helping him like batman and iron man. They made him look pathetic and took away his intelligence. Spider man relied on his abilities, not tech. This movie made iron man look responsible for the creation and power behind Spider-Man. Any kid could have been potentially Spider-Man with iron mans help then. Other than sticking to walls according to this movie. No spidey sense and no further explanation on his abilities.

Next, the flash. My god what were they thinking with him? A small Indian kid, smaller than tom Holland even?? Not a jock and hardly intimidating. That's not flash. He's suppose to be a dumb jock and bully. Not a hardly noticeable nerd bully on a math team picking on Peter.

Aunt may. What...why they make her a hot mom figure. She's suppose to be old, not long luscious hair and sexy. People hitting on her all the time. Why??

Spider-Mans webbing was lame and made him look oblivious to using it. He barely created it, tony did all the work. Other than a moment in class we saw him making some and the end where he used his old webbing.

His love interest was lame and they made the vulture her dad??? Really? And then end put a nail in the coffin. The Michelle random character....calling herself MJ. Please no. She cannot be or replace Mary Jane. And can't even nod to Gwen Stacy.

There was so much political correct crap in this. I don't mind changing the characters into other races, but doing it just for the sake of doing it was lame. Making flash Indian, making his friend who also could be the hobgoblin Asian, and probably maybe getting rid of Mary Jane as Michelle who is black. Does Hollywood have something against red heads?? Every girl or hero who has red hair in the comics is never ginger.

The shocker was terrible. No custom and lame. And they needed two of him too? Stupid.

Just everything about this movie killed my inner child and spat in my face for making comic book and cartoons of my beloved Spider-Man a waste of time.

Oh and people figured out who Spider-Man was quickly. The vulture, his friend, iron man obviously, and drum roll....his aunt may. Already aunt may?? Unless they make another movie and add a dumb excuse like, oh I just like the costume and I made one. How stupid.

I'm sorry to tom Holland for being involved in this. This was not a true version of Spider- Man. If you know nothing of Spider-Man then you'll probably enjoy this movie. But if you know anything about him, his story and who he is, Hollywood shat on it.

RIP spidey in the movies. They can't get a simple concept down of him. They have to add a bunch of garbage.

This is my one big review of a movie and I never bothered to make one this in depth, but I couldn't keep it in. Plus the post credit scene was even lamer at the very end. To add to that, they brought back the ugliest captain America costume that made him look like a joke in the first avengers.

Reviewed by cifers 1 / 10

This movie is nothing more than extreme PC propaganda

This movie ignores central established characters of the comicbooks and instead is used by its left-liberal makers as a brainwashing propaganda piece of multi-culturalism ideology and political correctness. And no, I'm not a racist, I like talented actors of all races if they fit the role (I also didn't like the whitewashing in Doctor Strange). But they don't fit their roles and were just cast for the sake of it. Diversity just for the sake of it, not because it makes any sense with regard to the story. In many Hollywood movies it's done subtly, but here it's very extreme and obvious. They should have respected the source material, but they don't care about the comicbooks. The characters here are named like in the comicbooks, but have otherwise no similarity in traits and looks (like Flash Thompson is an Indian nerd now who likes to slap Peter's ass, I'm not kidding). The disrespect for the comicbooks goes much further like no spider-sense, a speaking suit and much more silly stuff. It's in many respect the worst Spider-Man movie and no fan can be happy with this.

Reviewed by gtrboy-35664 1 / 10

Bad, Marvel's self-sabotaging with jokes. Raimi's Spider-Man 2 still the best.

With good CGI and an interesting take on The Vulture, but extremely cringy jokes forced in seemingly every line of dialogue, bad acting by everyone except Keaton and Holland, and the inexplicable reason to have Iron Man & his tech dominate a film that isn't even his (and make Spider-Man seem weak/dependent). SM: Homecoming is disappointing. 4/10

... *Spoilers* (Compensating for shockingly overrated reviews)

I don't want it to seem like I'm a hater. I love Spider-Man. He's my favorite Marvel hero and one of the first ones I ever followed as a kid. But, that doesn't mean I can just ignore this very flawed film, especially when critics are unfairly over-inflating reviews for Marvel movies again (literally every one gets 90%+ when maybe 1/3 of them deserve that high.. fishy) and even mentioning it in the same sentence as "greatest superhero film ever" when in reality, it's not even the best Spider-Man movie.

Let's start with the bad. First, the jokes. Literally almost every line of dialogue in the movie had extremely cringy jokes forced in centering around immature and stupid things like puberty, Larb (you'll understand once you see it), male body parts (repeatedly, Flash is soooo clever with that joke man), pretend-hugging to open doors, and Zendaya's hipster girl hating on everything & flicking off the camera for no reason. I understand Peter's in High School, but the jokes were INSULTINGLY juvenile & unbearable even by MCU's joke standards (which have been bad). I really want to like Marvel's movies and do for many of them like Civil War and Winter Soldier, but I cannot explain this weird trend they've been on recently to kill their own movies with overloaded humor and make the movies jokes instead of art.

Also, the acting and characters except for Michael Keaton and Tom Holland were just horrible. Usually don't go into superhero movies expecting Oscar-level acting unless it's The Dark Knight, but this was so bad I felt the need to point it out. Spider-Man's overly giddy best friend is annoying and overdone in superhero movies, while every other supporting character like Zendaya's hipster girl who hates everything, Flash Thompson who is completely miscast, and Aunt May who people bizarrely crush over are dull, uninteresting, and badly acted.

Next, the one I came into the theater fearing the most: Iron Man and his tech DOMINATED the movie when it's not even his. I like Iron Man, but his forced shoehorning into a movie he had no business being in was a hated decision by many from the beginning (myself included), but was worse than I thought it'd be. He, Happy, and his tech in the suit literally make up 3/4 of the movie, so much that it's made to seem like Spider-Man is weak and dependent on Stark's tech when in the comics he doesn't have an ounce of that sophisticated tech. Also, he is belittled by Tony constantly, a fact that as a Spider-Man fan, I find absolutely infuriating when Spider-Man is Marvel's best/most recognizable hero.

Finally, the film is riddled with plot holes, action scenes not nearly as wowing as other superhero films, and forced diversity. Spoilers- E.g., how could aunt May not see Peter's suit when he reveals to Ned for the first time and puts it on the ground when she walks in? Also, the movie begins after Avengers in 2012, then jumps "8 years" to 2020 but is after Civil War in 2016??.. The diversity in the movie is so overly forced to copy WW's praised real diversity that it ends up rubbing off the wrong way like it's a last-second afterthought to increase box office #'s instead of cleverly working it in. Every single couple in the movie is biracial, which is cheating diversity-wise as it's the easiest by FAR to write in. Finally, there were sequences that were just dumb, like the selfie video sequence that lasted a good 15 minutes in the beginning of the film.

While there was a tornado of cons, I looked for positives too. There were bright spots. For one, the new suit looks great. Having an All-CGI suit was actually a good idea as it came out beautifully, even if I hate how they made it too tech-based. The CGI throughout the film was admittedly good as well, especially in Vulture's case, although with an insane budget like this movie had, that should be a given instead of an achievement. Holland was a good Spider-Man, although he sometimes overplayed the role by talking too much.

Also, Michael Keaton as The Vulture was great. Keaton is a gifted actor (Batman!) and gives a new light to a previously cheesy villain and makes him likable. His character was well fleshed-out and his take on the character fascinating, which is why he should be even more upset the rest of the movie did not perform to his level.

Overall, I came in wanting to love this movie as much as I loved the originals, but was very disappointed. Convinced there is something going on here as I cannot possibly explain how the MCU gets 90's every time from critics, influencing the public perception into wanting to agree based on the basic psychological want to agree with people of perceived higher authority like critics instead of thinking differently.

Raimi's Spider-Man 2 = still the best Spider-Man film by almost EVERY metric of cinema.

Most Memorable Moment: Plane-side Spider-Man vs Vulture fight

Pros: Good CGI and a great Spider-Man suit, good performance by Holland although occasionally overacted, great performance by Keaton

Cons: Extremely cringy jokes forced in seemingly every line of dialogue, bad acting and characters except Holland/Keaton, Iron Man and his tech dominate Spider-Man's movie and make him seem weak/dependent, plot holes, forced diversity by lazily making every couple biracial instead of writing in cleverly, action scenes not as wowing as previous MCU entries

Rating: 4/10

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