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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hellfire_mcbane 10 / 10

Delightfully fun horror/comedy!

I had the privilege to view this film at the Bruce Campbell's Horror Fest at the Chicago Wizard Con last night and was thoroughly impressed. I was expecting a low budget, poorly acted schlock fest like most independent horror comedies but Suburban Gothic was delightfully charming and fun.

It's low budget doesn't affect the great atmosphere of a creepy yet quirky guy trying to survive his own personal suburban hell. Between the sharp, witty dialogue , the creepy, charming characters, and atmospheric tone it feels like I imagine what James Gunn and Tim Burton would have created if they had to do a collaboration for film school together.

The writing was spot on and never before had I seen such great directing and acting in an independent horror comedy since Sam Raimi's early work. Richard Bates Jr. Is a brilliant up and coming writer/director and I anxiously await his future projects. One thing that was refreshing was the fact it didn't rely on gore or nudity to catch interest and If not for the adult dialogue it would be rather family friendly for a horror film.

The best way to sum up this film is that it's just plain fun!

Reviewed by genesis2486 10 / 10

Add to your collection

Add this movie to your collection, it has a great story,full of good laughs and dark turns, leaves you feeling a better person, music rocks pulls you into the world, creepy cool and strange I'm watching it with my family. Story in short is a dude that sees paranormal activity from a youth returns to his hometown to find that most of dump has stayed the same since he left, only he makes a girlfriend quickly as hes noticed to be more cultured then the locals who would want nothing more to pick a fight, the bartender a girl who stands up for him quickly learns he has supernatural insight, and so begins a haunting that gets worse by a thieving Mexican who steals from a corpse of a long dead girl and her father,, history is more than what it seems, the dude asks the help of a museum secretary who is a part time necromancer and asks the ghost what they need, Dad and Mom are essential to society, and you start wishing they can make peace witch they do,the ghosts are menacing reminds me of the ones in Albuquerque, ha ha go check it out, I'm going to get the soundtrack, but may skip the girl pants!

Reviewed by jayltee 9 / 10

Great Fun

Matthew Gray Gubler was fantastic in this as a young man out of step with his father and his home town, but who continues to be unapologetically himself, despite the consequences. His fear responses (screaming, running and hiding) and his quick-witted responses to insults had me laughing out loud. The exchanges between his character Ray and his father were funny despite how totally awful his dad was. I really enjoyed the romantic elements too because they didn't seem overdone. I loved Ray's speech to the particularly obnoxious girl in his father's class and Ray and Becca's hilarious lack of grace after the penultimate scene. Really good fun that I highly recommended. I look forward to watching it again.

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