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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jswindter01 9 / 10

I loved everything about this thrilling drama...

...and it's not a film that I would typically enjoy, much less fall in love with... But, well, here I am typing out a review on this POS tiny ass cell phone keyboard... I felt that compelled after having watched this film not once, but twice in the last couple of days.

I'm typically an avid horror genre junkie, and in being so I do find myself quite often crossing over into the thriller genre(as many horror films straddle the thriller/horror line). Though this movie is NOT in any way whatsoever a horror film, it can be considered a dramatic thriller, but more so it is a drama that's story drew me in, kept my attention, and ran the gamut on the scale of emotions it evoked throughout.

The lead quartet were each played effectively by the fine actors/actresses that were perfectly chosen for each of their respective roles, Cary Elwes giving an excellent portrayal of a man conflicted on multiple fronts of his life.. Seeing come to fruition how the many choices he's made along the way(most of them poor)..and witnessing those he loves the most now reaping the sorrows from that which he's sewn. The lead trio gave performances that sold each of their characters hearts and souls.. with Jason Mamoa rounding out the main cast quartet in a fine supporting role that I felt gave so much, with so little actual screen time.

In all, as I've said, I thoroughly enjoyed this perfect telling of a heart wrenching story revolving around real life choices, and the very real consequences that come from the decisions we make throughout our lives..consequences that often, greatly effect those we love the most.

Loved it, and highly recommend this film to everyone, even those like myself who typically do not enjoy this genre of films.

Reviewed by Average Moviegoer 8 / 10

Wild is an understatement...

I don't quite understand how this movie is incurring such poor ratings since it is one of the more original films I've seen in some time.

Special effects? Forget it. This is pure wilderness territory in panoramic play. Wild Alaska at its finest in natural scenery, music (native Alaskans Black Railroad Company with bluegrass twang and a rugged, rustic feel), with "real" people in the background throughout.

I could not predict anything that would happen in this film even though it *appeared* mundanely spelled out from the outset. Nothing is at it seems in 'Sugar Mountain'; for that, my interest was sustained and entangled with the very good acting, plot twists, and disbelief throughout.

This movie felt very Indie-"ish" to me. I appreciated the stripped down rawness and feeling of realness. If you're looking for glitz, elite Hollywood garbage, again forget it.

This is deeper than that.

Reviewed by rockdileesha 8 / 10


This is the first time I'm commenting on IMDb simply because this movie is stunning.I can't understand why this movie is underrated.pretty sure it will take some higher ratings in the future.

This movie was well written and well acted.Script was original with some twists in the tale.the film was well paced from the start to the end.

Never heard of this film but i am glad that i found it. this one is quite unpredictable.being a horror/thriller fan i would love to see more films like this with better story line.

Highly recommend this breathtaking flick. but this is not for everyone.stop reading this start watching it....

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