Swinging Safari


Comedy / Drama

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Radha Mitchell as Jo Jones
Julian McMahon as Rick Jones
Kylie Minogue as Kaye Hall
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dale Hansen 1 / 10

Just awful

I don't tend to write many movie reviews, but I felt compelled to write one for this movie to warn people of how terrible it is. So much great Australian talent is wasted on this film. There are no characters you can actually warm to. But if you're a fan of animal cruelty, bratty kids, irresponsible parents, underdeveloped characters, unfocused storylines and over-the-top stereotypes, this is the film for you. Otherwise, avoid. What a waste of precious grant money that could have gone to a better movie.

Reviewed by MatthewInSydney 6 / 10

Ambitious Aussie comedy, amusing but not as funny as it wants to be

Firstly the positives - it looks great and the cast is fun. Set in an idyllic beach suburb street, with colourful 70's designs, and a big cast (everyone's good in this, both parents and kids), most Australians of a certain age will find something to like about this. But it's humorous without being hilarious or much of a good time. The script and editing have made it a bit of a muddle. The two main kids are very sweet, but their storyline has no climax - do they actually go to Melbourne? The behaviour of he parents is a mystery - for a while they're all friends and up for kinky fun, then after a key party they're all enemies for no apparent reason. The gross humour of the final whale scene is a spectacular but emotionally empty note to end on. And one 70's aspect that is completely wrong is the language - it's crude and un-PC (which is accurate for 70's Australia but gets annoying after a while), but leaves out the brilliant Aussie slang of the time. See Puberty Blues for an example of it done right. That language is truly funny and endearing and would have lightened the film.

Reviewed by lanckenj 1 / 10

All over the shop

I grew up in this era and expected to be entertained. Big disappointment. I wanted to walk out on it in the first 5mins but stuck in there at least for a while till I did. The nostalgia of costuming and food,toys and living of the times were spot, not all the music fitted the era. On the whole movie lacked cohesion of a entertaining story. eg what was with the Magda Subanski Sharon like character with the cricket bat???? I would be embarrassed if I was an actor to have this on my resume. I expect much more from Aussie movies.

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