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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anhaveit 10 / 10

The film has some great actors in this. The plot is dark Has many twist to it.And may bewilder a simple mind ! Margot Robbie was excellent in this as the string puller .Highly recommend

Reviewed by Andrej Cesnovar 8 / 10

I don't usually post reviews on IMDb - other people have already done it, and often better than I could - and most of the time, I find the ratings more or less on par with my own impressions of movies.

However, sometimes, I can't help but wonder "How in God's name has this movie gotten this rating?" Terminal is one of those movies.

The abysmally low rating, coupled with the very few (and most of them, poor) reviews, made me want to give my two cents and try to set the record straight. Or, at least, set it straight-er.

For me, Terminal was a thoroughly enjoyable movie - it has a great cast, witty and dark humor, interesting enough plot (not too cliche or too predictable) and, being around one and a half hours long, it does not overstay it's welcome. If you're into labeling things, you could call it neo-noir or something other, but the fact is that Terminal is very much its own thing, visually and plotwise. Personally, it reminded me of a theater play.

The ending could have been executed differently or better - the plot unraveling was overly (and unnecessary) convoluted and the ending itself was a little unimaginative and disappointing. But that's just my personal view.

Overall, Terminal is a good enough movie - and that is good enough for me. And even though it wouldn't make it to any of my "top 10 movie lists", it is still a pretty solid movie, that deserves at least a 7. Which is why I gave it an 8.

Reviewed by stevenbyrd 7 / 10

Cool World meets Pulp Fiction meets Kill Bill, personally enjoyed Terminal. The lights and night scenes blended very well with the story. Pegg and Robbie were brilliant. Mike Myers played a great creepy janitor with a spin. See a lot of negative remarks, guess some do not appreciate great acting with a good story.

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