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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Robert Ronin 10 / 10

Kevin Home Alone for adults with a Bonnieand Clyde ending

Didn't know much about Steven C. Miller because I'm not so into Horror. But then he makes also something like this film and therefor I like him. Imagine watching "Kevin Home Alone" Rated R. And Kevin is a mixture between MacGyver and Bruce Willis in Die Hard. Nicely played by the about 10 years old Ryan Hartwig, who really isn't speaking much.

Dana Ashbrook played one of the bad guys, he and hes crew sometimes played a little bit "to soft", like in a comedy, so they spoiled the Thriller-feeling a bid. I mean there was a lag of acting between the bad guys and the family, something like:"The Desperate Hours (1955)" was missing. For the Rest I was surprised how good it was. Fabianne Therese is a good casting as well.

Reviewed by bobmichigan1 9 / 10

What did I just watch?

At first I thought I was watching a poor mans "B" movie with the typical torture the parents until they get what they need. By the end i was watching Home Alone 4 rated R style and zero jokes. This movie was downright brutal.

This kid was awesome, now some of the acting is stale but the silence of the young man made this a better movie. The bad guys in this flick were also very good, they came in to get what they want and didn't waste our time torturing them but straight up killing.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for Saturday night popcorn flick. Turn off your brain and enjoy the action!

Reviewed by Tony Heck 8 / 10

Nothing really more to say then this is a very gory extreme R rated version of "Home Alone". I loved it. I say A.

"We don't have to do this clean, you go down this list and kill them all, then you find my money. You got 48 hours." When a recently released criminal gets out of prison and returns to his life he notices that $500,000 of his money has been stolen. After finding out who took it he hires a group of hit men to get the money back. Things go fine until they reach a house with a boy who fights back. Based on the preview I was intrigued at this. It seemed like a movie I would like but thought it could go either way. I have to say this was a huge surprise to me. This is not a movie for everyone because it is very bloody and violent. The best (and only) way to describe this is that this is an over the top extreme violent version of "Home Alone". If that doesn't want to make you watch it then I don't know what else to say. To me this movie was very fun to watch and I really liked it, it a morbid way. These revenge movies like this are one of my favorite type of movies. Overall, a very over-the-top violent version of "Home Alone" that I loved but is not for everyone. I give it an A...I know but I really enjoyed it.

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