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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Waldenir Silva 10 / 10

One of the best thrillers of cinema. Excellent!!!

Congratulations to Spanish cinema by presenting us with yet another thriller / mystery spectacular without showing explicit sex, as we have seen in some Spanish films. The movie is great! The way that every thriller should be: it leaves you lost, but arrives somewhere. And this place is beyond the obvious. The atmosphere of suspense and tension remains, and we are honored by the environment's main plot: nothing less than a morgue! The unwinding of the film is fantastic, amazing and high quality. The Spanish film hardly disappoints me. This one does not disappoint at any time. We watch unblinking eyes and is surprised as the quality of the excellent climate of suspense. The final part is amazing, leaves us with an open mouth and makes us wonder as was thought up this great script. Without blinking my grade is 10! Never has a movie surprised me as much as this in recent years.

Thanks again Spanish cinema!

Reviewed by somkaviraj 10 / 10

Marvellous movie!

Of the various movies you see, there are those very few ones which linger in your mind for quite sometime & keeps you enthralled.

Well,this movie is one of them. A truly sublime thriller in every sense.

The story which is the spine of the movie is very good & the actors justify the role of characters brilliantly. Never mind the language, as Spanish is not my mother tongue but this movie really exemplifies that true cinema is beyond regions & boundaries. The direction is top notch & the movie grips you from the very beginning itself & won't let you go. As the story builds up & the viewer tries to decipher the next sequence,believe me it gives you unexpected twists & turns every time. I know I sound like I'm extolling the movie but it really deserves it. Overall,a very intelligent script, excellent direction & a true masterpiece movie indeed. See it to believe it.

Reviewed by ntinoskouis 9 / 10

Try to guess the solution of this mystery with success before the last 7 minutes and are a genius!!!

At first i must say that in my opinion the makers of this wonderful movie intended not to make just a story that their audience will sit and enjoy the -well done- build tension , but they wanted to amaze their audience-and in my case they did it! You 'll not believe to your eyes at the last 7 minutes of this piece of art , of course you can try guessing about 10 scenarios at the first 94 minutes the solution of this mystery ...unsuccessfully . The actors were well selected and i must admit that they did their jobs very professional and they helped in the creation of this -almost- masterpiece ... I don't want to spoil anything , i recommend everyone to see this movie and some of you(like me for example) try not to stay with your mouth open at the end ...

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