The Broken Key


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fabioferrari-20408 10 / 10

Sci-fi made in Italy

One of the merits of "The Broken Key" is that it attempts to offer something new inside the Italian film industry, which delivers too many mediocre comedies and dramas. The choice of science fiction is exemplary. In fact, the movie is set in a fascinating not-so-distant future, inspired by some classics like "Blade Runner", "The Fifth Element" and "Brazil".

Reviewed by erikalillo 10 / 10

New visions of Italian cinema

If there's one thing that's missing a lot in the Italian film scene, this is science fiction. There are not many films that deal with this genre, even less those who manage to gain visibility. Therefore it is always nice to see some attempts to revive the sci-fi in our country. This is the case with The Broken Key.

Reviewed by francescocartosio 10 / 10

Innovative film!

"The Broken Key" is not easy to understand, but its message makes you think about the future.
The biggest pro of this film is the international cast, full of famous actors. The main locations, Turin, is amazingly pictured and many beautiful places have a fundamental role in the plot.

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