The Cokeville Miracle


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Reviewed by ab7698 10 / 10

You could have heard a pin drop

The story was very compelling and well done. I remember hearing the story when it happened in 1986 but didn't know the full story. I had remembered people saying at the time that it was a miracle that the children all lived but had no idea what was meant by that. Now I understand the full story and what a great story it is. The scenes before the miracle happened were well done and I could feel real tension and anxiety about the situation even though I knew the final outcome. The message was very positive and uplifting and anyone but a sociopath could not help but be moved by the story. Many people were crying during the show. I left feeling that I had witnessed a miracle myself. A very positive story, just really feel good. The acting was very good, especially on the children's part. I have to admit that I have never been to a movie where the entire audience never left their seats until ALL the credits were finished. Then they clapped. I am really glad I saw this movie and not another shoot-em-up.

Reviewed by tikker10 10 / 10

A Powerful and Inspiring True Story

I have seen this movie several times in theaters and love it more each time. Never before have I been to a movie where the entire audience sits reverently through the entire credits. The message and feeling from this film is that strong. Everyone should see this film! It is such a powerful and inspiring true story! The cinematography and special effects are awesome. The acting is on point - Nathan Stevens gives a great performance as the mad man David Young and even the child actors did a great job. T.C. Christensen did an amazing job of telling this story; it's his best film yet. After having researched more on the subject, I've found that the movie is incredibly accurate. I will definitely be adding this film to my DVD library once it's released. It's cool to see a small independent film do such an amazing job creating something meaningful and powerful. Each time I've seen it, I can't stop thinking about it.

Reviewed by Ken Krogue 10 / 10

Great Christian Film, don't miss this one

This is one of the best Christian films I have seen. It is on par with God's Not Dead and Heaven is for Real. I remember when this event actually happened and had heard about some of the events of the movie but I was struck by the incredible story and the intense scenes as well as the emotional impact this movie had on me. I don't know when I have been so impacted by a movie. A must see. I have seen other movies by T.C. Christensen but nothing he has done has been anything like this. The entire audience was riveted to their seats and I watched many people leave very emotional. I am going to track down the book and see if I can also research the story more thoroughly. I loved seeing the many children, now grown up, who appeared during the credits.

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