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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by neil-swift-23453 10 / 10

This movie is not action packed, there are no car chases, explosions or any of the sensationalism found in other movies.

The characters have no super powers and are not vampires or zombies.

The plot is highly believable and well acted without going overboard.

I'd highly recommend this as it's a well rounded and honest film with a nice twist at the end.

The characters are well cast and all share and contribute to the bigger picture without dominating or taking over.

Everything comes together towards the end and it all fits into place. You're not left thinking or wondering why/who/what you just know.

I can't see it being a blockbuster but it's certainly well worth a watch.

Great film.

Reviewed by ethanzeenath 8 / 10

The Crash is good movie, and one of the reviews that say otherwise seem to be trolling. Ignore it. This movie is fabulous and 100% worth your time.

It's a fabulous movie whether or not you're interested in the world of finance, and especially so if you are.

Really interesting, great characters (played by some amazing actors like Minnie Driver and John Leguizamo). It deals with what would happen if cyber-terrorists got control of our markets and banks. The acting is great, strong story and an overall great indie film.

This one is definitely worth a watch!

Reviewed by g-adamopoulou 3 / 10

Well what can I say, that was a waste of time. The acting is bad and the story looks like everything was put together last minute with very little research etc. The music background was tacky and such a clich? and so where a bunch of quotes and monologues. The conclusion is predictable the cinematography... well there is none and even the costumes look like they were bought from the nearest mall. Generally, it felt more like a drama class project and less than a professional job. I gave it 3 stars and in my most generous mood I wouldn't rate it with more than a 4. I would strongly advice for choosing another film to watch tonight.

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