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Reviewed by Termin8 8 / 10

Saw this at ADIFF last night. First off as a Dub I feel in love with a film that shows a post apocalyptic Ireland and doesnt take the Michael. We are led to believe that the Maze virus went across the world but devastated Ireland particularly. Thanks HSE!

With a small budget they achieve world building really well. Every shot even when its tight is full of missing posters, signs etc. I really liked the actors. Paige isnt exactly being stretched to the best of her abilities but she is cool and its great to see King Nidge Vaughan-Lawlor himself playing a snivelling posh boy villain.

I once thought I had seen every zombie film ever but this achieves something new, with a vibe similar to "The Girl with all the gifts".

Reviewed by Jentpa 8 / 10

It may have been done before, but frankly, what movie isn't a spin on something done before?

The acting was fantastic, the plot was interesting, and engaging, and the location was unique and added to the film as a whole-cinematically.

Give it a chance. Ellen Page always floors me with her range, and this movie was a wonderful portrait of her talent. I couldn't say who the 2 main actors are-as I'm not super familiar with Irish cinema, but they too were outstanding. Highly recommend.

Reviewed by edwardjones-23192 7 / 10

A zombie movie like you've never seen before

The premise for The Cured is a post-apocalyptic world, in which seventy-five percent of an infected population are 'cured'. They return to their past selves, save for a little PTSD and social oppression. And herein lies the primary conflict of the movie. The subjugated cured rise up to take back power against an oppressive and unjust society. But the powers that be will do everything they can to stifle the tension.

The premise is an exciting and original hook, and after it reels you in, The Cured delivers in every way. An excellent social commentary-meets-horror-movie, it's a welcome breath of fresh air in a saturated genre.

The movie is set in Ireland. It stars local talent Sam Keeley, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, and Stuart Graham, alongside Ellen Page. The acting is honest and engaging throughout from all of the main cast. Ellen Page is as good as you'd expect, following her trajectory from adolescent to maturer roles. I liked how she kept her native accent, rather than forcing an Irish one. Weaker accents hold back great performances, and Ellen Page's was unfettered.

The movie clearly doesn't have the budget of big blockbuster horror movies like World War Z. But this works in The Cured's favour. The narrative scale of the movie is limited. It explores a small group of characters, so we have more intimate time with the main cast. We are free to delve into their psyches and explore the human condition, instead of marvelling at an exciting but ultimately insubstantial all-out zombie spectacle. And despite its smaller budget, the production value holds up surprisingly well. With creative use of cinematography, the zombie scenes still pack a punch and their design renders them as terrifying as in big blockbuster movies.

Overall, The Cured is a tense, clever movie that asks a lot of questions about humanity. I wouldn't hold it in quite the esteem of 28 Days Later, but if you're at all a fan of zombie movies, especially with an edge, you'll want to catch this one.

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